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I just broke up with my boyfriend after a few years of a relationship… we both agreed to it... Im just so confused… I thought I was doing the right thing, because we have being fighting a lot lately and I never really trusted him to much! But now all I keep doing is crying… I cant get him out of my head… I don’t know if im doing the right thing anymore…. I miss him so much now! I don’t think Im strong enough to do this even though I know it’s the right thing for both of us!

I promised myself after my last relationship I would never let my heart feel that much pain again.... but its happening all over again... dunno if i can take it again!

Any advice out there???

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write up a list of positives and negatives and ask yourself whether your needs were being met and did you like who you were in the relationship. A day or two to think about things isn't going to hurt anything so relax and think this through...if you had enough reason to break up then it's probably a good idea to take some time and really think about it.

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Welcome to eNotAlone.


Are you sure that the things you were fighting about could not have been resolved by compromise and negotiation? Sometimes fighting is the easier way but, as you have seen, not the best way.


If you think that maybe there could have been a better way - maybe you should reconsider your decision and approach him to manage things so you are both happy.

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thats really good advice, thank you... im just in that bad place right now... but your right! I think what hurts more ... is maybe he wont want me back??
Well, that is a possibility but if you approach him in the right way he may think it worthwhile to give the relationship another chance.


You won't know unless you talk to him.

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What if breaking up was the right thing to do... but im so scared of been without him that i go back... because i do love him but i dont know if were right for eachother... im just confused in what to do... i dont even no if im making sense

Well, you need to do some hard thinking - but don't take too long.

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I guess it depends on what you mean by inaction...this isn't like going to the gym sometimes you need to take time to sort your feelings out...why do you want to go back? You need to make sure it's worth it or you are going to go through this again.

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