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Dating patterns


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Has anyone else ever experienced this?

My pattern is that it's rare for me to like someone. When I do get that liking feeling, I proceed cautiously and try to get to know them before I establish something serious. I will try to establish a "casual relationship" prior to a serious one. I know that's totally backwards, but it's always worked for me in the past.

However, the last few years, I've noticed a reoccurring pattern of this:

I meet someone

We hit it off

We kiss, hold hands, talk a lot, etc.

They meet someone else within a few days of us last hanging out


At this point they want to hang out with the other person versus trying to get to know me better. Is this the way dating goes? I confess I don't have much experience with it because things usually naturally progress from point a to b. It sucks.

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Yep...I've got a pattern...


I meet someone, I hold off at first, they fall hard for me, want to hang out all the time, I still hold off, and then by the time I fall for them, they've moved on or have given up on me...


Another pattern(which I think a lot of people have)...is I meet someone, get to know them, and end up not falling for her or liking her at all, and she's head over heels for me, or vice versa...

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I seem to easily get guys interested in me. I dunno...I'm quite funny I'm told, I'm quite fiesty, I'm open about my sexuality, I'm a big flirt...it seems to work. So, we're usually on the same page at first. But then I'll fall for them, way too fast and hard. And then they are like "woah" and back off. I really need to learn to work on being more "cool". I think I need to be more of a chase.

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