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So my gf and I are in a tight spot. She is 25 and I'm 23 and have been together for a year on Monday. Last year she decided to go back to school in the pursuit of going to Med School. Let me first say she is the world to me. I love her and care for her more than I could anyone else. We have had a tough day though.


Today I was upset about a few things concerning our relationship and actually doubting parts of it. You see, I'm still in school taking summer classes and am really very busy and have a lot of stress. She asked me what was wrong this morning on the phone so I told her that I was upset about an argument we had the night before and earlier this morning. Then after confronting her on past issues I jumped to something else: "I don't want to go to the Caribbean with you if you go to med school there." That hit her really hard and she became really sad. Even started crying.


I have a problem with communication. I don't like to confront her on topics that may make her sad or lead to an argument. I guess you could say I'm a non-confrontational person. She is quite the opposite. So after we discussed taking a break or breaking up she got off to go to sleep. After we got off the phone I realized I love her so much and don't want to be without her. I just talked to her and she was saying things like "maybe we do need to be apart" and stuff about breaking up.


We broke up over a month ago after being "broken up" for about 12 hours. She did say things like we needed to break up then, but I realized she didn't want to break up. She loves me so much too. I just need to be more vocal and communicative with her, but I don't want to lose her. I would go anywhere with her, just don't want to go to the Caribbean.


How should I handle this? Is breaking up the best option or can we work through this. She will be leaving for med school next year, when I graduate, if she does get into med school. Feedback please!!!

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The caribean is a wonderful place. Start packing.

Why on earth would you miss a chance to be with the women you love and live in paradise? And she is going to be a doctor and she is strong enough to deal with issues head on instead of bury them .

Get a grip. Apologize a lot. And imagine sitting at home while your love is off to a new school, new career and new better adjusted boyfriend.

You have it really good. What more do you want?

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At the very least, wait until you learn where she gets into school before escalating a hypothetical situation further! You sound like a good couple. Try to cool off and get the stress levels back down before you accidentally hurt each other.

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