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Does she expect more? Would you?


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So this post is about the same girl I've posted about. It's now been 6 dates in over a month's period, so it looks like its heading somewhere! Anyway, our last date was Sunday; much more physical affection was shown...much more kissing, hand holding etc. She texted me Monday, and tuesday I called but got her voicemessage...she called back but I couldnt answer so I texted her telling her I would call tomm. Today I did call and got her on the phone. Spent about 5 min and set up to meet sat again.


Now here is the thing, after I hung up about a minute later, someone called me blocked and hung up. I have a gut feeling it was her. I said to her before I hung up, "alright, so I am going to go eat and I'll call you before sat". I work nights, and from the last I knew she works days, so my only free time to call her is on my meal which varies. I usually will call her 2-3 times a week (max) during my meal for about 6 minutes...the rest of the contact is her texting me like once a day.....


I just feel like she called and hung up to see if I was going to pick up another call since I told her I would be eating....do you guys think maybe she thinks I dont call enough or make excuses to get off the phone quick? I mean I asked her out again, surely this would be enough to let her know I am into her no?


I've told her I work nights and my meal schedule varies...but maybe she forgets or she thinks I could spent more time on the phone with her then I let on? Then again...maybe it wasn;t her who called and hung up...but I really think it was...too much of a coincidence.......maybe I am overthinking again!!!


If it helps, I know she is taking me serious because of something she did that I will not mention here, so maybe she is expecting more from me? She did tell me after the third date through text once that she was a bit nervous and shy because she didnt know what to expect or what I was expecting, but that was settled when I told her I just expect to see her agian.

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ok, you dont even know it was her that made that withheld call! I think you are definitely over-thinking. From what you say, everything sounds good!


If I text tho and you called back next day, I guess I would be a teeny bit like 'why did he wait a day to call/text back' but Im just impatient like that and also you have an excuse in that you work nights and dont get to call that often. I think its probably good that there is a bit of mystery and a bit of time delay between you calling her back though, that will keep her hooked! but dont go overboard on that as it can upset a girl, lol


Just put this whole thing outta your head and enjoy whats going on, look forward to your next date and stop stressing!

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After this number of dates, they generally want more phone contact. Don't give in just yet. Keep to your priorities and just keep dating and having fun with her. Keep things light and fun. If she is a keeper, she will be cool with this. If she is clingy and insecure, she will start to play games and begin some bad behaviors.


The next month or two is when you find out if she measures up and is worth your time long term. Sounds really good so far, and that you two are having fun and building a foundation the right way instead of rushing in. Keep it up!

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