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guy upset about being called little


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My friend sent me this question/problem and since I don't know the answer I thought I would post it here and see what everyone else says.



I was recently hanging out with some friends and I called one guy little. He laughed, but whined that he was not that little. I was talking about his waist/stomach, and since thats where my hands were I assumed he know that. Maybe not.

We were with several other guys, some bigger, and at least one the same size or smaller.

My question is, why did he get upset about it? What was the big deal.

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I talked to my friend and got a bit more info on the other guys they were with, if this helps.



one guy was 6"4 but average build, two, were around the same height as he was, but both overweight, and the other was about his height and weight, but maybe smaller, didn't pay much attention to him exactly.

He was about 6-6"2 and slim to average build, and like I said, my hands were on his waist when I said he was little.

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I dont think its very nice to tell a guy he is little, nor do i think it is nice to tell a girl she is big.


I think people know their sizes without being reminded. I am sure it was not said with intent to hurt his feelings but some people are more sensitive than others. it is a good practice to just not comment on people's body parts. Imagine a guy wiht his hands on a girls waist saying "you are big". For a guy being called little can be as sensitive as being called big can be to a female.

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For a second there, I thought you meant you called another part of him little would REALLY hurt.


he already has a complex about it. that's why he is offended.


yeah, I used to be really self-conscious about skin and fat left around my chest from when I was overweight (man-boobs), and there's still a bit left, but now when a girl touches me there and makes fun of me for not having a rock-solid peck, I just laugh and pick on something about her. I would've felt offended years ago, though.

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I just talked to my friend again, and she told me a funny part of the story.

Early on in the evening, she asked him how tall he was, he said "6-6"1, but I'm gonna tell you 6"2."

Would it have matter who said it to him or did he maybe like my friend and that's why it bothered him?

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