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I'm getting skinnier & I want to put more weight on?

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I don't know what's wrong with me but I've always been skinny but lately it seems I'm losing more weight & it's scaring me. I normally weigh 140 'b 5'10, that was like 2 months ago. Now today I am like 129 lb. I look very scrawny and I don't look very well at all. I would like to put on more weight. The thing is I lack of an appetite and my parents are being really stingy with buying food since they claim they don't have a lot of money to buy groceries. I mean we literally have nothing to eat in the house. When my mom cooks dinner, she only lets me eat one serving of food because she said other people in the house have to eat as well. I can be a big eater but I'm not getting the food I need and I'm losing weight because of it. I'm in the process of trying to find a job so I can buy my own food and eat as much as I want. How can I put on some weight, in a healthy way?

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I've had the problem of losing too much weight recently too... although with me it has more to do with a desire to eat rather than not enough food around...so I guess that is tough


But what I know I need to do is train myself to be aware of how many calories I'm putting into my body every day versus how many my body needs. It can be hard to get into the habit at first, but after awhile it sort of becomes second nature to just KNOW how many calories certain things are, and you really can train yourself (Ex: "oops... I've only had 900 calories so far today... I better at least have a smoothie or some juice...")


One of the first things to do might simply be to talk to your mom or your parents about this. I don't know if you are a minor, but if you are really concerned about your weight and health, they should know. This isn't just about looks, after all.


Beyond that, try not to eat empty calorie foods and junk foods. Plenty of things will give you calories, but you don't want the nasty stuff that will just make you feel bad. When I don't have much of an appetite or I know I can't eat, I get a lot of my nourishment from drinks, which actually have a decent calorie content - smoothies, juices, etc. If you can figure out how to, you might also try to keep little snacks with you as well... maybe some sort of trail mix or something.

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Here's you're answer. You can be meticulous about this or just do things generally, depending on how bad you want to put on weight.


First things first, find out how many calories you're supposed to consume daily. There are dozens of online calculators (try google) that will help you find out your resting metabolic rate (rate at which you burn calories at rest/sleep). Any calories consumed above this number, and it should be above in order to increase your weight, should be consumed over 3-5 times per day. I'm guessing you're eating maybe twice a day, if that. This can sometimes be known as grazing. This sounds expensive, but there's more detail below. All you're really doing is consistently telling your body to digest food so the body stores and uses it as fuel more efficiently.


Secondly, try and keep your diet high in protein. If your body is low on fuel it starts burning muscle and can be quite uncomfortable and dangerous. This means eating chicken, fish, red meat and poultry. Also drink plenty of water but only if you're eating regularly, otherwise you'll be off to the toilet every 5 mins!


Ok, the meals should roughly be as follows:

9am - Breakfast (Fruit juice/cup of tea/toast/high fibre cereal OR boild egg and toast) NO COFFEE AND NO SALT!

10.30/11am - Fruit (apple/pear/banana and/or a snack bar - a healthy one of course)

1pm - Lunch (tuna & lettuce/ham & cheese sandwhich) Or, if you have a canteen best to go for a larger option of whatever is there but make sure its low in fat. No burgers or chips!

3pm - Fruit (apple/pear/banana and/or a snack bar) and/or a yoghurt.

5-6pm - Evening meal (Plenty of veg and carbs would be ideal here e.g. Chicken and rice, pasta carbonara or tuna & pasta bake)


Make sure you eat at least 2-3hrs before going to bed as this will give your body time to digest your food.


Following this shouldn't be too expensive if you shop right. You don't need high-end of the market food, just simple local grocers should do the trick. £15 should do the trick every week. Also, exercise 3 times a week, lift some weights, go for a jog. It all helps bit by bit.


If you need some more advice just drop me a PM. I'm a qualified Lifestyle Consultant and Personal Trainer but make sure you check your dietry requirements before eating what I've suggested - use it as a guide only.


Good luck and let me know how you get on!

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I don't know what it is that you are asking? You had mentioned yourself that you don't have food in the house and don't eat much because your parents don't feed you that well and you also mentioned that you can have a big appetite only you have to find a job to pay for more food. Obviously your answer is eat more, alot more and you should regain weight. If your goal is to put on quality weight, like Ghost said start a training program and fill up on protein, 1g per 1lb of weight daily. Also, don't forget to eat plenty of carbs prior to heavy training or activities for energy.

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For cheap calories, look at peanut butter. True it's fatty, but it sounds like you could use a little fat. Tuna is a cheap source of protein. Also, beans and rice will give a good mix of carbs and protein for not much money. See about an egg a day, also. There are better ways, but if you're truly wasting away then you need cheap protein and calories right now. Think about bodily survival, not ideal nutrition or great taste.

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lift weights, eat, make sure to sleep as that is the only time when your body repairs, eat, lift weights, sleep, eat, lift weights, sleep...repeat cycle. Give it about 8 to 12 weeks...you will see tramendous improvement in your wieght and strength. Not to mention you will be cut.

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