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Now I can see why girls give guys headaches


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Weird story happened in school this week. Here it goes and htanks for reading it:


1.)I set my sights on a new girl this week, but didn't go completely crazy over her cuz if she said no...


2.) I spent this week gaining all the info I can about her, mainly through talking to her. She appears to be both a very good person and pretty attractive


Now things start getting weird....



1.) I ask her for her screenname. She give it to me and makes sure I spell it right. She also asks for mine and I give it to her. I also overhear her telling her friend somewhat excitedly (in a good way) shortly afterwards "He wanted my screenname!"


2.) I talk to her online about school and so on like usual, and she told me she is single and does not have a boyfriend. She does tell me she really likes someone twice during our IM. But there's a twist in the end...


IT'S NOT ME!!! She "likes" me a little bit and is very open to me, but likes this other kid more. Now I know this kid and there is like a 95% chance he does not "like" her the way she likes him. He knows her, but he talks to other girls more than her. My friend thinks she is lying about liking this other guy to get me jealous and ask her out.


What do you guys think about this brain teaser? Thanks for any advice.

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i have to agree with the above also, i mean whats the point in missing out on an oppotunity, if it doent work then at least youve gained someone who you can be open with. and it seems like she wont really pass you off harshely if it came to it, you didnt just jump in there youve spent time with her.


good luck and as a third vote...go fot it!


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Well, I took ur advice, but she pretty much said no for now b/c she likes this other guy. Now I know this other guy isn't going out with her so soon (he's got his eye on other people), so what should I do?

-I get along with this girl decently well (only knew her for a month)

-I also know her brother (get along with him, but we're not "buddies"). I don't know a way yet on how he can help, but I need to find a way for him to help me out here.


I have a ton of confidence in thinking this girl would go out with me once she discovers this other guy won't go out with her, but I need ur help on what I should do next. Thanks a lot-I really appreciate it.

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Well, she said no for now. She didn't say no forever. I guess I'd wait a week or two and then try again. Once she gets no interest from the other guy hopefully she'll give you a chance.


Also if I were you I would keep exploring other options with other girls. If she realizes that you are not just going to sit and wait for her, she might start being more interested in you. Girls like a challenge too!

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