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right heres the thing........

a few weeks ago i got talking to a guy i've known my whole life but havnt seen for years and we kissed, wasnt a major thing but i see him around and i really like him. he goes to a different high school and is a grade above me, i want to get with him soo badly, he doesnt have a gf at the moment but i dont have his number and i rarely see him. if i see him i dnt no wot to say, should i be friendly or hard 2 get?wat shud i tlk about?!i seriously need to do something i like him soooo much, he lives by me and i can bump into him if i want.he told my brother he thinks im hot but what dus dat mean?! im sooo confused! HELP! PLS REPLY! xxx

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First, find out what he likes to do? Does he play a sport, follow a team, study something different, collect anything, etc. If you know an interest or two, learn a little about them. Them you can ask him about them and appear smart, interested and get him talking.


Second, think of open ended question to ask? Not do you (anything, name it)? But what do you like? What do you think about? Any how, why, what, where, when, etc will do. Get him talking. Laugh at his jokes, touch his forearms, smile at him, make eye contact, just say hi. If he makes a comment about the other night, flirt: tell him you liked it but by shy or coy when you say it, then maybe bold and flirty later saying if he plays his cards right and there might be more.

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