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NEED HELP! Ex GF thinks I have a GF and emailed my mom


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Hi, what do you think of this?


My mom calls me over this morning and shows me this.




I am flabbergasted. My mom is convinced that she still loves me because she sent the email to check in on me about my GF situation.


At this point I still don't know what is going on with her own situation as I really been not in contact with her, and actually have forced myself to let her go a lot. The big question in my mind is does she have her boyfriend still? I can tell she's obviously missing me, but I still must tread cautiously. As you know, I was a hurt and needy bastard in Feb, and I'm just getting better over the last 2-3 weeks. I do want to get back together again, as I miss her so much I dreamt of her this morning again.


Reading this.... I'm still in shock and don't know how to take it. So obviously her roommate whom I had sent emails to and told him about my trip to China showed her everything (that is the only way she would think I have a new GF).


Can you give me some feedback? My initial reaction is to reach out to her and tell her that I want her, that I don't have a GF. But then again, I know she was attracted to me in the beginning because she saw that I was flirtatious with women and women were chasing me at the time. If I show too much interest, would I lose her or will love prevail.


My mom (even though I tell her not to talk about me in her reply) insists that what she says is none of my business, but she told me anyway that she will tell me ex that she doesn't think I have a GF, that she thinks I still love her, and that all I'm doing is working on my business. Maybe I'll tell her to call me.


Still in shock....maybe this is really nothing...



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Honestly, I think you reading way too much into this when there is really nothing. I think if she wanted to reach out to you she would have and tested the waters by asking something like "so I hear you have a new girl...."




My initial reaction is to reach out to her and tell her that I want her, that I don't have a GF


Don't agree with at all

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Yes, no contact from me.


But my mother is going to reply and is going to talk about me, I am sure. What can/SHOULD I do about that? She is obviously going to try to prod and help my situation. Is this good?

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Suggest you leave them to their friendship and ask your mother not to share any more bits of information like this in the future. Who really cares if they talk about you? We are being talked about by someone every minute of the day whether we know it or not, hehe.

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