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pubic bone and uncomfortable sex


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I've been sexually active now since August, and it still hurts to have sex. I never thought it was a problem of lubrication, however with the advice of my gynecologist, I began using astroglide. That didnt help much. I've tried different positions, and the least painful seems to be when i'm lying flat, without bending my legs up. Even then, I'm not getting waves of pleasure.


When I went to the gynecologist for my first pelvic exam, she said that I had a pronounced pubic bone. She said that she can "feel it right there" when she placed a finger just inside my vagina. You dont have to push on the walls of my vagina to feel it. The textbook pictures I've seen show a small distance between the pubic bone and the urethra, and between the urethra and vagina, but those spaces are non existent for me! In fact, simply looking, I can't see my urethra. I have to bear down for it to become visible, and I just feel as if my anatomy down there is all wrong! And no, I'm not some young girl who isnt aware of anatomy. I swear to you that my urethra is just inside my vagina. It's so weird. I think that maybe the uncomfortable feeling I have while having sex is due to the rubbing of my urethra back and forth against my pubic bone.


Here's a picture (lol i know, awkward...)

image removed


Has anyone else had this problem/something similar or have any advice?

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I tried to picture your description and honestly I couldn't. But I was wondering, have you had sex with more than one person? Because if it's only been one person there might be something he is doing that makes it more painful.


But I do know this. Even though pictures show where your urethra is supposed to be, with everyone it's different. I know this from nurses who have done thousands of urethral catheterizations. And yes, they do have stories of women with their urethra inside their vagina.

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Have you tried more "rear entry" positions? Doggy? Reverse cowgirl? Penetrating spooning? If not, try these. Can understand how a pronounced pubic bone could make missionary and girl on top painful. Has your gyno mentioned the possibility of light surgery to shave the bone down? Best wishes.

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Has your gyno mentioned the possibility of light surgery to shave the bone down?


I haven't seen her since she lasted suggested the lube. However I had that idea... the only problem is a have a severe phobia of needles (I get panic attacks) so getting surgery is not an option until I am desensitized to them or I'm able to be completely knocked out before and after any IV is put in. But then again the thought that I had an IV in me would trigger a panic attack like the time looking at the bump on my arm for an injection did....

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I feel like frankenstein now, Annie, hehe. I wouldn't think it would be that intrusive really, as that bone is prominent, right under the skin, and would be easier to work on than a nose.


Admittedly, my plastic surgery knowledge comes entirely from being a fanatical fan of Nip-Tuck though, so will shut up with the surgery suggestions.

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i realise this post was made a while ago but I am really similar. If I put a finger just inside my vagina I can feel the bone there, and have been quite concerned about it.


I've actually been worried that I won't be able to have sex because of it causing a barrier. I am a virgin but am with someone lovely who I want to lose it to.


Has sex stopped being painful for you now? I really just want to be able to have a normal healthy sex life? Has anyone been of any more help to you?



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i went to my doctor who i trust about mine and she told me that it is nothing to worry about. apparently the vagina is meant to expand (that's probably the wrong word) the other way anyway. so that reassured me.


i haven't had sex since so i can't reassure you personally that it's completely fine but i hope that if it was likely to be the cause of pain or an obstruction for sex then the doctor would have done something about it rather than lie to me.


so if you are worried go and see your doctor because it's always reassuring to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about (and they won't be embarrassed by any topic)


but good luck in the future

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