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Why did the girls laughed so much when I danced with them?


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Today I was at a wedding. When it was dancing time, it was a fast music pretty much whole time. Since I'm deaf, I have a very difficult time to disguise different between music for fast and slow dance.


But I end up danced with many random girls I don't know (all of them are hearing). I tried my best to mix ballroom with fast dance. I even spin and dip them and stuff as well. I noticed that girls were laughing the whole time.


A couple keep come back to dance with me again as well.


I don't understand why they were laughing so much. I'm hoping somebody can explain why the girls were laughing so much?


Btw if this help, it was just me who danced with more than just one girls. None of other guys would dance with girls beside their girlfriends, a couple even refused to danced.

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probably because you were dancing funny..


good on you for getting in there.


Dancing funny? Haha... Well I guess if I was the only one to spins and dips the girl then I guess it is kinda funny. At least it was nice to see their face brighten up and them laughing and smiling a lot

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