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confession time!!!


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just to tell the world, i sent a drunken text saying 'thinking of you xxxx' got one straight back saying xxxxxxxxx me too, then of course i had to say i love you, and got one back saying 'i love you too, you know that'. I Cant believe i did that, ive been feeling ok. Now im confused by her response. Damn me, why did i do it!!!!!!!

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Cos we all do it! Don't beat yourself up man - it's part of the process.


I once sent a drunk text to my ex's MOM... who doesn't speak english! I wrote in Spanish, basically saying "I still love your daughter but I don't think she feels the same way and it's very difficult for me."




Though I do give myself credit for being able to compose a gramatically-correct text in Spanish while wasted.

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NorthDallas is right, we all do. In fact, a couple of exes ago changed her cell numbre because every week when i went out I'd text her at 2 am.


This time around, I deleted my exes number from my phone and haven't sent her one. Sure I love her and I know she still loves me, but I don't want to hear it.

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Everyone does it! Alcohol removes inhibitions and can make us maudlin, belligerent, or foolishly bold.


In fact, my phone rang at 3 a.m. last night and i'm wondering if it was my ex who keeps turning up like a bad penny... i didn't answer the phone and he didn't leave a message, but i imagine it was drunk dialing so i just ignored it.

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I am so annoyed with myself, so annoyed. God i hate this, square one here i come. In fact i think im farther back than that!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr



Time to lay of the sauce.



Don't worry about it. We all do things that cause us to moan and groan the next day. Just go over the reasons why you broke up and you'll be fine. Live and learn...

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I would just assume be attacked by a rabid band of 13 eight year olds with wooden clubs in their evil little fingers then I would text or email "I love you" to my last ex.


I'm not sure how I never ended up drunk dialing her, ever. It was quite an accomplishment looking back on it.


BTW.... do you win something, some kind of prize, when your ex who dumped you was the one that made all the inroads, that sent all the drunken texts, made the drunken phonecalls, told you how wonderful you were, told you how much she missed you, and you never responded in kind even though you were still crazy about her? Because if there is such a prize, I still haven't receieved mine. I've been staring out the window, faithfully, forlorn look in my eyes, waiting for the FedEx truck to arrive... nothing. Any... day... now.... I can feel it! It's probably a trophy or a gift certificate to Outback Steak House. Secretly, I'm hoping for a pony.


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That is what i am worried about this memorial day weekend. I am going to be drinking a little and i am so afraid that i am going to see her out (with another guy) or contact her. I guess i can leave my phone at home and hopefully be too tired when i get home to do anything!

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Yep. Me too. Drunk dialing. Drunk texting. I think removing her number from my phone is not a bad idea... but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it. I did re-label her contact name to " - Don't Answer" so when she does call, and she does from time to time, I will be reminded not to answer.

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