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Fine lines and large pores

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ive got okay skin from a distance, but in the mirror its looks horrible, im 22 and have a few well defined lines around my eyes, as well i can see tiny fine lines around my eyes, it looks like my skin cant take squinting or anything anymore and more tiny lines keep forming, my forehead up close looks like its nothing but tiny fine lines giving it a very ruff looking texture, and a few major deeper ones where my expression lines are, the pores above my eyes in the center of my forehead are huge and the pores on my cheeks toward the front of my face are large as well, the texture of my cheeks is bumby and rough and the deep pores makes my skin look very unsmooth, ive been using cleanser and moisturizer since age 20 when i first noticed these things, but the aging keeps on coming, i even now use an eye cream, my skin is aging faster than any of my friends or peers, what can i do, does moisturizer give you large pores

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can't stop aging man. things that can help prevent it: stop smoking if you do, stop drinking if you have a problems, stay out of the sun, don't tan much, etc. basic stuff, but all help prevent this. as for me, i drink, i like looking tan. so...guess i'm screwed.

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If you are only 22 that is pretty early to have both of these issues. Large pores are normally the result of oily skin. The good news to that is typically oily skin does not wrinkle as bad as dry. So it is kind of odd that you would have large pores AND premature wrinkling.


Moisturizing does'nt really do anyting to prevent wrinkles. It keeps the skin supple but you need a retinol or alpha hyrdoxy treatment to actually penetrate the skin and generate new cells.


You can go to a dermatologist and ask for their pricing on laser resurfacing. If you go to a derm vs plastic surgeon the cost is about 60% less. The lazers will remove fine wrinkles and shrink large pores.


Are you in the sun a lot? since you wrinkle easy going outdoors wihtout sunscreen should be a big no no.

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Sun block is the best thing you can do - all year around and in all weathers; and wear sunglasses in the sun to stop the squinting that causes lines. Use a good moisturiser, an eye cream and if you smoke, quit! Drink lots of water, cut out caffeine, and eat lots of fruit and veg - your diet counts. But sun block always, that's the major cause, even in cities when you're not actively lying in the sun.

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I drank like a fish for about four years straight, and was smoking 3 of them, the past year though ive wound down, and dont drink alot anymore, i also do not smoke, i eat great very healthy and exercise regularly, thing is my friends who i was partying with all those years aren't having all these issues, otherwise i would know it was the partying, ifeel like i've got a deficency of something, but i am planning to go to a dermatologist soon, how much of these lines and bad skin can they reverse at my age

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Mm, don't worry!


Your bod has been through a lot. Go with that good idea of seeing a dermatologist. You won't regret it.


I'd also go see your doc and get a proper run through. Nutrition can sure play a part!


There's lots out there nowadays to help, and still lots you can do. Yes, some stuff is genetic and aging happens. But regardless, there's lots to make the best of what you've got.


It sounds like you've got combo skin, like me, and maybe you need to learn a good solid skin regime for you. The derm will help you with that.


In the meantime, don't worry! All that sadness and depression does do a number on our bodies and how we see ourselves too.


You nipped the big things while young: the smoking and drinking. That's a big deal. Way to go.

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