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The Water-Bra Nightmare appears again...

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Ok, I posted about a similar situation once before, here: link removed


And the general consensus is that I should gradually decrease the bra size and get on with my life.


But I haven't, because honestly, I think I look good with the waterbra when I'm looking in the mirror... but there aren't any mirrors at school when I'm walking around feeling self-conscience that my boobs look disproportional to the rest of me. (I fit into a 32b, even though it is a little tight, and the waterbra is a 34b, and its a little bit too big... and well, even when you are wearing a normal, non-push-up bra that is too big you know the effect.)


So basically, looking in the mirror, I like the way I look, but I'm afraid of what other people will notice...




Somehow me and my friend got onto the subject of boobs, and she goes, "At least mine are real!" (Jokingly, but not too jokingly, she's trying to find out what's up with the sudden increase in chest since last year)


What should I have said? I'm not telling what i DID say, I jsut want to know your opinion.

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Hon.........you're worrying WAY too much about this. Quite honestly, if someone says something ( a female friend like that, anyway) tell 'em you wear a WonderBra or a waterbra, whatever. It's nothing to be ashamed of and you can't change your body, so just GO with it. It's nobody's business what your boobs are doing, after all!


As a funny aside: do you watch "Will & Grace"? Did you ever see the episode where she sprung a leak in HER waterbra? Funny as hell.....lol Just relax. People should be looking at YOU, not your chest. (And trust me, from the other end of the spectrum, being rather....er....."well-endowed".....) I'd MUCH rather be appreciated for who I am and have people notice me for ME, not for what's beneath my chin!!



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What do you mean "handle" PE? You mean in the locker room?


MollyElise I like your suggestion... "They are real, I just give em a nudge in the right direction"


What I actually did was I looked down and said "Hm, they look pretty real to me." but it came off sort of forced... she was all, ok, whatever

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