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Sing me a song


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Lately, I've been serenading people over the phone on their voice mail. I serenaded my mother, my sister, some of my girl friends, ex-girlfriends, a workmate, acquaintances, my ex roommate.


Basically, I've been serenading the holy living bleep out of anyone with a phone number. And I have to say, the reaction I've been getting is amazing. People are so thankful and receptive. Glowing. "I love you" at every turn. It's amazing.


So, here's my suggestion. If you want to make someone smile, and make their day, then call them up and sing them a song. If they answer, demand "Hang up now! ... and don't answer when I call you back."


Then, find a suitable song, and sing it to them. You have no idea the joy it can bring.




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No Need to Cry now, Go wipe your tears be a woman

Why you actin surprised? you saw the bull$*** comin

Fake hair, fake nails, fake eyes too

So why you bound to f*** with fake guys too

Ain't nuthin hard about it

Why you lookin sad? shoulda thought about it

Say you learned, I truly doubt it

I guess you got a problem with affection, kinda loser for love

Gettin freaky wit the thug n***** up in the club

Ask to buy you a drink, you holla Don Perrion

Knowin I got my cash getter, still I remain calm

Let you chill wit me,

Plus you was smiling till' bed wishing

That's what you get for tryin to d*** with me

Missed me with that buy me this, buy me that syndrome s***

B**** get a job if you wanna be rich

Gettin mad cause I curse, and I scream "I hate cha"

Introduce you to a n**** nature

Feel me

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