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i dont know what to do??????? me and my best mate have been selfharming for just over 2 years, but a little while ago my best mate had a suicide attempt, i know her life is bad and she has alot of illnesses and her heart pills if she only took af ew of them at once that would kill her instantly.


At the moment she lives with me and it is great we are both happy, but i do feel more and more each day i feel suicidle, but she keeps me going but i am scared that she will try again very soon and if she goes then i dont know what i will do??

any suggestions on what i will do if she trys again and if there is anything i can do to help either of us??



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You both need to see a counsellor or someone who you can talk to immediately. You may feel as though you are supporting each other, but really you are just enabling each other to continue hurting yourselves. I would love to give words of encouragement, but that won't help the situation you are both in. Seek medical help now.

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Okay i kind of agree with timetoremember. But if you cant do that you need to make sure you have a very very honest friendship. You need to have guidelines on what you can speak about and tell each other if the conversation is being triggering.


I have a friend with eating issues and listening to her ended up causing me a 6 month replapse into b/p ways because i felt competition to be as "good" as her. It sounds crazy but you need to make sure your friendship doesn't end up being a competition.


As for help, i think you should try counselling again. Maybe not separate and if living together is helping thats great. But you both need to start getting help. This is where its going to be hardest on your friendship.


Talk to her and see whats going on in her life. Make sure she knows you want her to get help and if you feel up to it help her. If not find someone who can help more then you can at the moment.


If something ever did happen to her it would be so hard on you. But try at the moment not to think about it too much. Worrying about something that might not be coming could just make you more anxious then is needed.


Good luck.

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Hey Sxc_Gobby_Lil_Gal!


Long time no speak!

I'm sorry to hear things have been going so bad for you.

Do you know what it is that is making you suicidal?

Are you properly looking after yourself? Spending time alone retreating or doing things you love. Giving yourself things to look forward to. A lot of people find writing down a list of short-term and long-term goals helps.


Have you seen a school counsellor or a therapist about the cutting? How long is the longest you have stopped for, and how did u do it then?


Its gonna be ok kiddo.


girl friend

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You're falling into the trap of dread and fear. You don't know what the future will hold so why take it to the limit and put yorself there where its happened and you can't cope?


Take it to the end but try to see it from a different point of view- a positive point of view. For example, where you get over it, you survive the grief, where you meet and fall in love, where you start a family and into a place where you will always love her and always think of her but where you never allowed her death to consume you but instead grew wiser and stronger for it and where life holds so much more value.


In other words-Changing your thoughts and seeing things from a diffrent point of view will take the fears away.

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