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I will tell you who to love!!


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Hey there everyone haven't been on here in awhile and missed everyone. So much has been going on these days it's hard to post.


My job had this big management turnover and one of the new guys is coming from Stanford Hospital and started this Monday. Well last week one of my young co-workers asked one of our male RN's if the new guy was cute and I told her never mind because she has a bf and two kids. Then I chimed in saying that the only man who is cute to me and holds any weight in my book is Ben Franklin...hahaha


I think working hard and protecting your future is very important, start saving for your retirement and a better life for yourself. Worrying about these ex's is just a big waste of time and energy. Knowledge is power!!


Believe me I am not on here just shooting off my mouth. The reason I have been gone from this site for many days is because I am on a roll. I did NC, but my ex doesn't want our relationship to end, but I clearly told him that I can only be his friend, but I cannot predict the future, but as it stands now, he has alot to prove to me if he ever wants me back, but I am not concerning myself with him. Yes, I still care for him, but I am not sure if I still love him and told him so...I don't beat around the bush; I am very upfront with what I have to say.


Anyway, as I may have mentioned before I purchased a car on 04/17/08, and have been in 7th heaven. Then I received the great news from both my doctors in Internal Medicine and my Gynecologist that I am in not just good health, but for 43 I am in optimal health... and my promise to myself is once I got my results back I would restart my membership at the gym where I took karate lessons and my first day back was this past Wednesday. Gee I am so out of shape it's not funny, but it feels good. I also went today to pick up some healthy foods and spoke to a personal trainer about my intense exercise program. Oh and I opened up a savings/checking account two weeks ago and not to mention I ran into a lady I really thought was extremely cool she works at my favorite fancy restaurant...hopefully me and her will be able to hang out sometime.


I have other plans for this week such as go to a class that teaches you how to spot and help people on drugs and/or alcohol, then go wash my car and attend my karate class. There are so many things to do and now that I have wheels I am feeling free. Only reason things are going well is because I wanted it and went and made it happen.


Please don't think I am bragging or being arrogant...it's nothing even close to that. I am only saying it's so painful to end a relationship or be the one who was dumped and many times we get caught up in our grief that we forget this is "OUR LIFE". We need dust ourselves off and get back up on our horses and rideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Here is some food for thought.


Always remember to focus on the here and now and enjoy today, because you will never relive this day again.

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Nice post. Seems like you're truly empowered after that break up. Good for you!

You turned a bad experience into a wonderfull new beginning for you.


I always feel this way after a break up.. In a way they are good. It kinda gets me off my butt setting goals and motivated and makes me realise I'm important and that I should be working to get what I long for. It doesn't come falling out the sky.


Also that I shouldnt take stuff for granted.

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why does it seem that everyones ex tried to come back yet mine hasnt at all.

he never even gave a reason for leaving.

i pushed him to far away when he tried.

the damage is irreparable i fear.

january was our last run in, when i scared him likely but getting so emotional in front of his friends.

ive texted him once for happy easter, sent him an apology email for my behavior, and IM'd about work in those 5 months, all have gone unresponded to.

hes on aim everyday and im not blocked, (dont know if im on his buddy list though) and i just am so jealous that everyone has at least had a shot. its as if he never cared at all. we were so in love for that time, howd it just get shut off

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