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Five Subtle Signs


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Look at them.


Probably talk to friends about them, plenty pointing(depends on drink consumption).




Be always available. Open body language.


Surround myself with girls, near the lady i am interested in. (law of the jungle)


Talk to them.

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I want to know five subtle signs you give off when you are attracted to a lady.


Considering what debaser_wolf and others have already said, you should bump this to the shy section.


As for me, the five subtle signs I give off are these:


1) "Have computer problems? I can optimize your hard-drive if you want."

2) "I got you this great videogame..."

3) "I like you, a lot."

4) "Hey, let's do something this weekend! Want to see Iron-Man? My treat."

5) "My, what have we here? Surely you belong with us among the clouds..."


(The last one would only work if she was a Star Wars fan.)


In retrospect, these things aren't so subtle at all. #1 is way too suggestive.

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Recently I've been more confident and have scrapped being shy and subtle for the most part, so as the other posters said, you don't need to worry about telling if a confident guy is attracted to you, because he'll essentially come right out and say it. When I was shyer though, I would essentially do the things that girls would do when attracted to guys. Take a glance at a girl and then look away, be too nervous to smile, I'd brush my hair back a lot to make sure it wasn't messy...that kind of stuff.


This might sound kinda obscene, but with the exception of a small portion of very experienced teenage players, a lot of young guys your age haven't necessarily learned to control their schwing yet, if you know what I mean. I'm not sure you wanted to hear that, but it's probably the best subtle clue you can get. Sometimes it's not so subtle though. (I'm mostly joking here...while guys probably won't mind, try not to get in the habit of looking below.)

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Depends. Back in the day? I used to be a pretty nervous and shy guy, so often I would talk really quickly or behave strangely because of my anxiety and all.


At that age I was more like:

1)I would look at them.

2)Glance away quickly if they saw me looking.

3)Ask them a question related to homework that I already knew the answer to

4)Maybe talk to her friends and ask them about her.

5)I would try to say something funny or make a joke in their presense



1)Smile at them if they look at me

2)Go up to them and actually talk to them, find out about them, introduce myself to her friends, etc.

3)Still joke around, but I make sure it's not too over the top or like I'm trying to hard

4)I'll ask them for their opinion about something like present them with a scenario that happened to me or a friend of mine and hear their response

5)I keep myself pretty mysterious so as not to reveal too much about me too soon as in my eyes you're a stranger. I don't know you any better from a hole in the wall. Really.

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I dunno about five signs, but the main thing is that I at least smile when I see the Girl in question around, and if we're within earshot then I'll at least say "Hey how are you?"


Oh hang on. I do that to a lot of people regardless of if I am attracted to them or not. Okay. Well if She's a more or less a stranger, I'll simply find any excuse to see Her around / make small-talk with Her more. If She's a friend or other aquaintance, I'll joke around more and maybe have a bit of a friendly dig at Her from time to time.


Not entirely a conscious thing, but when I am around people I like / admire / am attracted to, it brings out the best in me I guess as I am happier.

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Well, since Im still learning this whole social interaction thing. If I'm interested and I just met you (like 5 minutes ago) Ill start joking around big time, trying to get you laughing and having a good time. If I can do that, then I start to become comfortable and all other social interactions between the other person and me just happen. Of course this has yet to land a gf so there is something somewhere I am doing wrong

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Sometimes I am subtle and I always end up attracting the women I like. Sometimes I actually surprise myself at how well I do it. I'm not bragging here but seriously I don't know why I tend to attract women like that since I'm not good looking. But anyway, things I tend to do (consciously and subconsciously) is try to strike a conversation whenever I can. If we're sitting on a table with lots of ppl, my body tends to face her. I don't throw myself all over the girl. I try to act cool and be more a friennd than anything else. So many other things that I can't remember now.

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- Making lousy jokes to get girl's attention. (Fortunately I don't do this anymore. Now I only make real good jokes. )

- Compliment the girl. (I've seen so many men fail with this because they have no clue to compliment the girl the right way.)

- Offer her help out of the blue. ^^


The rest of the signs I won't tell since they are top secret!


But maybe you can help me. There is a girl giving me signs. However I have no clue what she tries to tell me.




Best regards!

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