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Afraid I might be pregnant.


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Four nights ago my boyfriend and I had sex and he didn't pull out. Knowing that, I took a few birth control pills minutes afterwards. I did this because I know that the morning after pill is basically a strong dose of estrogen, and birth control pills are a small dose.

So anyways, I had just finished my period 2 days before that night we had sex, and now 4 days later I'm spotting. I'm not sure if it's just to do with the BC pills i took or what.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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It's too early to take a pregnancy test. Wait a couple of weeks and then test if you haven't gotten your period.


I personally think it was a bad idea to take 4 BC pills. Why did you have them lying around? Are you on BC? If so, you're probably not pregnant. Why didn't you just get the MAP? I would imagine it's more effective than BC pills.


Anyway, for now you just have to sit it out and wait. Test in 2 weeks if you haven't gotten your period, and again a week later if you still haven't gotten it and got a negative on the first test.


Remember to be responsible in the future when you have sex. The pull-out method is not a good method of contraception! In fact, it's NOT a method of contraception. There are many options available to you out there - condoms, female condoms, diaphragms, spermicide, hormonal methods (pill, nuvaring, patch, depo), IUD, implant ... There must be one that suits you.

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Online you can find a list of how to use birth control as emergency contraceptives, it apprently works just the same..my friend who works in a pharmacy and also a nurse told me to hang onto my extra packs of pills and keep them until they expire because I can use them as EC.


Either the spotting you are experiencing is from taking the pills [which is something that normally happens when you take EC, spotting is normal..] or..implantation bleeding.


Its certainly too early to take a test and find out, so just give a few weeks and test then.

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Yes, taking those BC pills would make you spot. I wouldn't worry about it. Since it was 2 days after your period you also have a VERY low chance of getting pregnant in the first place. Combine that with the pills and you'll be fine.

Just to ease YOUR mind, take a pregnancy test in about 3 weeks.

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