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Why do Ex like to call ??

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Hi everyone,


I have lots of post on here and some of you guys here knows my story. My ex and I have been broken up AGAIN for a little more than a month now. and I took a lot of the advises from you all with the no contact rule.


Great to say that it worked like a charm. Been alone for a couple weeks after the final breakup and back on the date game show. Going here and there with soem friends. It was great. The important part was that I think less and less of her by the min. Now, when ever I date, I dont even think of her anymore.


Now the BIG Problem:


I follow the "NO CONTACT RULE" and she keeps calling me. She called me this past friday and left a message, I ignored it and deleted the message, then Saturday she called again repleatingly until I turned off my phone, then Sunday she called again so I answered and she starts the conversation with some lame topic of


School? Are you sick ? you didnt pick up my phone so I thought you were sick, everyone is getting sick, I hope your not sick....etc....


Then she called again this morning while i was sleeping, I picked up the phone then hung up. 10 mins later she text me saying


Sorry I bothered your studying time. I hope you do good on your final. Good luck...etc


Now, everytime I have a test she CALLS....!!! I hated why I am distracted by her phone calls.


Now i have two questions,


1) Why do Ex like to call and distract what I am doing?


2) Should I call her back or something ? Should I even text her with some mean words of STOP CALLING ME IF YOU DONT NEED ANYTHING ??


thx guys...


Oh and the No Contact Rule does help.... A LOT...!! and plus go out too....

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Hey Sadman


What you have to ask yourself no is do you want to still "TRY" and put this relationship back together. Yes the no contact rule works. They end up calling you back. Weather it is good or bad depends what you do with it now. Relationships are living things like plants. they have to be attended to and watered or they die. The no contact rule is good if you know it is over and have accepted the fact you no longer want it to go on. But if you want to try and patch things back up, well that is up to the both of you. I'm not sure how much time you invested in the relationship. The question is do you want to lose all that time. Or would you like it to keep on going. I'm going through it myself. Mine calls, I'm under the no contact rule. I just can't talk to her right now. She went back with her ex and it tore my heart out. She likes to switch back over from him then me. I'm over it. But yes she calls. Would I like to talk to her and work things out ? Yes, but I can't my walls are up and I'm protecting my heart. I don't do the triangle thing. this was all her doing. She needs to be responsibile for that. To answer the question why do they call ? I believe they call because a part of them misses you (if they really cared) and another part wants to know what your up to. And another part guilt. If you don't talk it all fads away.


Good Luck


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Hello Sadman,


I envy your situation in a way. I would love to know my ex cared still by calling me. But I understand your situation and it actually gives me hope. It's nice to know that you CAN actually move on and the "no contact" rule works for healing. It seems you've now moved past the obstacles and heart ache and are ready for a new start. You should be very excited about being ready to go forward with your life.


The last time I talked to my ex was almost a week ago. She said she was so happy with her life and is already dating a guy. I know she'll call me eventually but it will only be as a friend probably. I'm super pist about her hooking up with this bastard, but I'm happy that she's happy......which is hard to say because I miss the F#CK out of her.


If you're so annoyed by her calling maybe you should tell her to "take a hint" when you don't answer the phone. It's kind of harsh but it might work. You know, you're driving her crazy by not talking to her and not begging for her to come back, etc. I hope I get a chance to be strong and show my ex that I don't care anymore. So many of us wish to be in your situation and have our ex's calling all the time. I wonder if I'll feel the same in another 2-3 weeks? I hope to be where you are after a lengthy time of not talking to her.


Thanks for the advice about the no call and going out does help a lot too!! It's nice to get checked out and talk to other girls again.


take care brother!

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