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with christmas approaching I wanted to know what people thought about this. How long do you think you should have been going out with someone before you get them a present for christmas?


I've been seeing someone for almost 2 months - and although I like him a lot, I really don't know if we're 'boyfriend and girlfriend' yet - I think he thinks we are but I'm not so sure, see each other in college but only go out alone together once every week/or every couple of weeks (depending on work).


So I'm not really sure if I should get him a present - wouldn't know what to get him in any case!


I guess, to answer my own question (!) that its not really 'how long' you've been together, its how you feel about each other. But would it be very awkward if for example he did get me something and I hadn't got him anything.

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Well even if you are not boyfriend and girlfriend you can still get him a present if you want just as a friend. I would avoid any romantic thing that would make the situation awkward if you two are not together as a couple. Just get him a little something, and then if he gets you something you don't feel weird or bad. It is up to you though, but i hope you are happy. Good Luck!

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Even if you're not all that serious, it can't hurt to get him something small to let him know you were thinking about him. It doesn't have to be any type of extravagant gift, just something that he likes or is special to both of you. Even just something small like a cd with a bunch of different songs on it that make you think of him, or perhaps a baseball cap of his favorite team would work.


It may not be awkward for him if he got you something and you didn't get him anything, but it seems more that it would be awkward for you. If you're really that worried about it, try something a little more subtle. I'm in sort of the same situation, only I do know the "status" or whatever you want to call it of my relationship. I was just sitting with my guy one day and we were talking about Christmas and I slipped in half joking, half serious, "what do you want for Christmas?" Pay attention to his reaction and that should help you make your decision. If you're still in doubt, go with your gut feeling. If you have a desire to buy him something, by all means, buy it!


Best wishes!

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I agree.


If you don't know if you're bf/gf yet, then make sure the present is light and fun rather than serious and romantic. Get him a present that lets him know you value him as a friend first and foremost- regardless if the relationship becomes romantic.


I always like to give a small container of christmas cookies to my friends- especially if I find a nice cookie recipe so I can home bake them myself (special touch). I also like to give nice christmas ornaments to my friends. Or find out what kind of cookies is his favorite and buy him a pack (like if he likes oreos, buy him some oreos, if he likes peanut m&m's get him a pack of peanut m&ms) and wrap it up like a present. It's fun and friendly and would probably get a chuckle out of him when he discovers it's his favorite candy.


Hope this helps and happy holidays!

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