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missed call & voicemail

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im long gone. he called. i didn't answer. he left a voicemail...


"i hate thinking that one day im going to see you ... with another guy ... possibly a husband ... possibly some kids ... i know if i ever see that ... i'm going to regret everything..."


"i still love you."


"i still care about you."


"i miss you."


"i wish we could be together."


and he ended it with ... "i wish for you."


that was it ...


most of you know my story ... if NOT refer to my past threads ...



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Barby, he's just feeling sorry for himself... Notice how his primary response is JEALOUSY, and that is about his own self esteem and need to be the center of your world and admiration. He needs worshippers and it hits him hard that he won't be the king anymore.


Love is about how someone treats you day by day, and he never offered you that. A bunch of drama yes, but enduring love, no.


When i got divorced my ex gave me a similar goodbye speech, about how he missed this about me or that about me, but i recognized it was basically self pity and a kid unhappy his favorite toy wasn't around anymore. Nowhere in that speech was i want you to be happy or i want to form a happy life with you or i will work with you to make a relationship good. He had lots of emotion (for himself and being cut off), but no change of any kind recognizing he should have treated me right if he wanted me to stick around. He didn't want to be a good partner, and he wanted to take, not give or compromise to make a relationship great.


You will do GREAT in Calif. once you get used to the new place. You were born to work there with your love of hair and makeup... you transform yourself all the time, and you can certainly turn that into a career working in the movie industry. who knows, maybe this will be the big turning point for you, the little push you needed out of the nest to go do something great with your life... have fun, enjoy your new place and look forward, not back. Time for a new life and a BETTER boyfriend in future.

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Congratulations on not answering! You've come a long way just by ignoring his call. Maybe you could even change your number since you will be living in a new place anyway.


Don't be confused by anything he says or does. Just remember that this man spit on you, called you all sorts of awful things, and basically treated you like garbage. You are young and have a great, exciting future ahead of you starting now. You don't need anyone bringing you down.

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i noticed something that he's doing. he's acting like he's the victim.


was it him that pulled up on me running with another guy? was it me who didn't come home? was it me who chose some guy over him? NO.


but he see's me with other guys ... doing whatever and SUDDENLY this is all my fault. he seems to forget that HE did this.


I don't understand it.

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His motivator is not love. It is jealousy and control.


Just remind yourself of that. There is nothing loving about this man's past relationship with you.


He is upset that he didn't win when he treated you like crap. He is mad that he can't have an iron grip on you. He is mad that you won't be in the vicinity anymore to spit on when he is having a bad day. But he is NOT in love with you.

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I don't understand it.


Why do you try to? Your life will get easier when you are able to realize that there is not an explanation for everything and that some people do stupid things without any rhyme or reason. Be glad you are not that type of person and call it a day.

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