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As some of you may well have read on another thread of mine, I'm 'seeing' a colleague at work. We spent some time together over easter and had lots of laughs and fun, I was however very conscious that she had just come out a 2 years relationship and didn't want to rush into anything.


Then one night I went around there, we had a little to drink and we ended up sleeping together. We both agreed it shouldn't have happened, that she wasn't ready, and that we'd put it in a box and forget about it. However, after we had spent some more time together this past sunday it happened again. On monday neither of us really regretted it. Part of me says that this is great, but another part of me is saying that this will only result in me getting hurt.


My head is screaming to enjoy what it was an leave it, byt my emotions are saying that you enjoy her company too much to do that to yourself or to her. We've ended up in a massive grey area and I'm concerned that we've turned into 'friends with benefits' and that not what I want.


Does anyone have an opnion or been in a simialr situation themselves?

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If you look at the big picture and take away the conversations of "shall we regret this"??


You will come to realize that aside from the negative thoughts that are in each others head... this sounds like a great start to something. I would say to not over think things as far as wanting to make it official. Just keep doing what you are doing because its obvious that each date gets funner and better. I would wait about 2 months and see what happens if you two keep hanging out. Then I would express my feelings to her and see if she wanted to make it a bit more exclusive I.E. BF/GF.


Till then... enjoy the free ride and continue to make her laugh and smile. Sounds like your doing a good job. After all, she wouldn't have slept with you again if she was not interested

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