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Almost died yesterday.. it made me miss my ex so much for some reason.

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I got an illegal tackle in my back during American football practice yesterday and almost died.. He dug his helmet into my back from a full out sprint and I fell down. I got up and felt fine, but couldn't breathe, my lungs had collapsed.


After about 10 steps I passed out from suffocation and started shaking violently on the ground. The medics and coach rushed towards me, they laid me in the standard stable position but I still wouldn't wake up or breathe. The coach (who's a medic for the Dutch Commando forces) grabbed me by my facemask and shook me but I still wouldn't breathe, so the medics took me onto one of their backs to stretch out my spine and lungs and I finally could breathe again, but I didn't regain consciousness until they put me back onto my feet and were testing my reactions.


So basically I would've died if the medics hadn't thought of the stretch thing.


Now I'm sitting here in a lot of pain, pretty much all the ribs on my left side are heavily bruised along with a couple of fingers. I've been injured before and my gf would take care of me.. I miss it so much. It's painful to know no one besides my family really cares. I really miss the feeling of someone out there worrying about me, as arrogant as that sounds.

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