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My ex has a new boyfriend :( Now I have so many emotions!!

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Well I got an email from my ex last night, and she had a line in there


about how her dog is having behavioral problems because she is "really


starting to date again". Now I am not sure if that means that she that she


has a new boyfriend, or just open to the idea of a serious boyfriend. But


regardless it has me feeling conflicted. On the one sense my ex is a


wonderful person, and I hold her in the highest light. For this reason it


makes me extremely happy that she is moving on and finding happiness.


However there is another part of me that is hurting. My mind is going


through the what ifs, coulda, and woulda's (I know these are not real


words, but you guys know what I mean). This was my first real love, and


now I feel like she is gone forever. Most people keep telling me that you


never know what the future holds( meaning that if we will meet again in


the future or if I will meet someone else), but I know that it is truly over


for now. However I know that I will get through this like everything else,


but my question is, are these feelings normal? Why do I feel conflicted?

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I understand that you feel conflicted over the thought of your relationship being completely over, this is normal. It was something familiar and comforting for a period of time, and when you think about moving on to something new it can bring up all of the feelings that you have because it is hard to let go of the past. I am sure you both shared some good times, but it's time for you to move on now. There is someone else out there for you, it's just a matter of time before you find that person.

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hey bro i know what your feeling. My gf of 4 years broke up with me like two months ago. It hurts a lot and i seen the worst. I tried kiling my self just last week because it was too much. I found out that she liked some one else and she said he was better. SO i left out town so i could get away. I return to day to talk to her and say my last words. I found out that she has been talking to his guy for the pass week and they went to the movies and she really likes him a lot. I tell you bro it hurts a lot but the only thing u u can do is gone. Some days it hurts a lot because i think my ex will return , but i know thats never gonna happen, but i still wait. Hang in there bro it hurts but with love u will go on.

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