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hey, so my ex broke up with me 3 months ago now, until Saturday night i hadnt really been interested in dating however i felt really good on saturday, got talking to a really nice girl, got her number and went home.


The next day she text me saying " hi, see i bet you thought i would forget you " etc etc, i text her back and we had a good conversation, she was on the way to work complaining she was tired and she would never drink again etc , all liught hearted, i said we should meet up this week or something and she agreed.


Anyway she started work so that was the end of that conversation


I text her this morning asking her if she wanted to do something the end of this week and as of yet ( this was 9 hours ago) i havent had a reply.


Whats the best thing to do? see i used to be good with this stuff, and act cool and not get worried if someone didnt text back straight away but i guess my confidence was shaken a bit because of my ex and now because she hasnt replied today im thinking hmmm is she now not interested!! advice?

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9 hours ago...WAIT!!!! let her respond back if she doesn't respond by wednesday call her and ask her out...texting is so impersonal..

wait for her response...

you will do fine...practice makes perfect, its like riding a bike and all those cliches!!!

Welcome back to the dating scene!

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Not necessarily, you just have to make sure to approach it properly. Sounding desperate on the phone will likely be a turn-off, so take it lightly. Something like

'Hey, just thought I'd give you a call, see whats up...' (talk for awhile, presuming she has the time, and then if she hasn't said 'Oh, right, I got your text and....' then bring up the weekend thing offhandedly.

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hmm ok well i took the advice and i called her, the first time i think she answered it in her pocket because there was lots of rustling, so i called back and it rang and went onto answerphone, i left a message, guess the ball is in her court though, still if she doesnt respond, would seem kinda weird but hey thats life lol

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