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Women's genital health issue

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For several years now, I cannot even remember how long it had been, I have had some problems with my genitals. I am afraid to go to the doctor. I figure if any of you have any idea what it may be that may help me more with going to the doctor.





Rubber-like smell when peeing

Darker urine

Frequency in urination



If any one knows what these symptoms might be in relation to please help me. I have been to Planned Parenthood and they gave me some pills but they did not help then they gave me a gel (metro-gel) that is inserted and that did not help.

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It can be a number of things.


If it is something serious..the longer you wait the worse it can get.


Nobody can diagnose you over the internet.


Those symptoms can be anything. Even if someone had the SAME EXACT symptoms...they could have something completely different.


Make an appointment for your doctor as soon as possible.

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Don't be afraid to go to the doctor! The pap test is over before you know it, and it's always nice to hear that there's nothing wrong. It could be an array of things, it could be something as small as a bacterial infection which is cleared up in no time with a prescription, to something that could slowly be getting worse the longer you wait to have it checked out. Just go! lol

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please go to the doctor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!


i am a nursing major and a first responder (soon to be EMT).


if these symptoms have persisted for years, you could be doing irreversible damage to your body and shortening your life-span.


your symptoms could mean about 1 of 30 things, all of them bad.


you need to get this checked out and cleared up as soon as possible.


here are some possible diseases that may make you rethink your decision about staying away from the doctor:

+hepatitis A, B, or C



+diabetes type 1, 2, or insipidus

+pelvic inflammatory disease





i would almost consider this an emergency room situation, but really, schedule the soonest appointment with your OBGYN even if you dont have insurance or money to pay for it, just do it. there are payment plans and you have months before you need to pay (before it goes to a collection agency) sometimes.



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