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Would you lose your virginity to...


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Knowing what I know today, if I was uncommitted and we were talking about safe-sex:




Depends a lot on our values. In the past, I saved my virginity for someone that meant a lot to me. Unlucky me, the person in question was not a virgin herself and she couldn't have cared less about what I had offered to her. Her posture made me feel terrible at that time.

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Yep...too late. Whatever, I was 17 and a male so, no romantic notions there. It's your first love that you remember not your first . If they coincide then great but I never have that kind of luck.




^^ Ditto


(except i'm female and I was 15 when I lost my virginity but there was nothing there, some days I regret it but most I see it as a live and learn type thing that i'd never change even if I could.

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well, it all depends on how important virginity was to you. It isn't really there if you don't believe in it. I believe in. Probably because it was carved into my head since before I knew what sex even meant or that there was a sex....


I wouldn't...


However, whether you would or wouldn't has nothing to do with morals. Virginity is only as good as you believe in it...

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lol i was scared i'd forget mine so i had towrite it down and remind myself. it wasnt very eventful .. probably a sign i shouldve waited but although it wasnt what i wanted.. it wasnt a mistake per say. its all in your own view and how you view sex. maybe im desentisized now cus if you look back at my posts, i was quite regretful before.

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I know that everyone says that you should lose your virginity to the person that you love--I believe so too, or at least I'd like to think that I do. After all, if I have a daughter, I wouldn't want her to lose it to just anybody--I would hope that she would at least hold out for someone who she felt emotionally connected with, or even close to.


When I lost my virginity, I believed that I was "in love"...but, in retrospect, I think that I knew so little about what love actually was to be able to say so with any certainty. I think that, at the age that most people lose their virginity, love is, in essense, little more than deep attraction, lust, friendship, or obsession. And, quite frankly, the sex that I had with my "first" was quite arguably the most insignificant and painful sex that I've ever had in my life.


I think that it all boils down to what you want to get out of your experience. Will it be close, emotional--have you ever held your virginity as something special or important? Will you be remembering this person for years to come? Or do you just want to get it over with? If so, and attractive and disease free person probably isn't a terrible option.

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*raises hand* I'm another of those who lost it to someone she wasn't in a relationship with. I was kind of just looking to get over with, to be perfectly honest.


I agree with those who say virginity only matters if you believe it does. There's nothing important to me about virginity, and there hasn't been since I was very young. All it signifies to me is the complete lack of sexual experience.

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I've tested my boundaries before and the boundaries appear to be quite strong, hence I'm still a virgin. Even if I wanted to have sex with someone in that type of context, I would not be able to follow through and would bail out in the nick of time. It's almost like a program I cant override. Unless it's really the right person, and it's sanctioned by my faith and it's really the right girl, I don't think I'd go there.

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Never. Virginity is a gift to the one you end up marrying. I gave mine away at 18 to a jerk who i meant less than dirt to and regret that when I marry my husband I have nothing to offer except my heart. I think it is very important you keep this gift and give it to the person who loves you enough to wait.

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That's how I lost my virginity. He was drop dead gorgeous, but all I cared about was his beautiful body- definitely not a relationship. I wanted to get it over with because I knew my first time was going to hurt and be awkward etc. I wanted to experience that with someone I didn't care about. It certainly was painful and awkward.


I don't regret losing mine to him at all. Virginity is not something I value in any way. It was something I was proud to lose. There was plenty of amazing sex after that with a couple of guys I cared about deeply.


that's an unconventional notion I think, that something i wouldn't mind to do... how long did you know him for? how did you meet? was it like a one-night stand or something?

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