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  1. I know just how you feel! To be honest, I think that a lot of women feel like that sometimes. It is hard to feel worthy when society puts so much pressure on you...like if you don't measure up to men's standards for women, you're worthless. But you should know that you're not. None of us is perfect, and even if a few of us has perfect looks, they do fade in time. Work on yourself--physically and mentally. Don't seek beauty...seek lasting things, like fitness, intellectual stimulus, etc. btw, your sig is beautiful. It made me cry.
  2. I think she meant that you have to temper your abstractions with concrete observations. Not that many poets do that nowadays, anyways, lol. Some of the stuff by "well known" poets that I've been reading lately is so terribly out of left field that you have to read it line by line to get even an ounce of meaning from it. That kind of poetry is too tedious, imo. Must be lovely to write, though! Class is painful because you have all these people debating the intricacies of your poetry, making up meanings you never intended. It's sort of hard to sit down and face (we workshop our poems). But I suppose it's just a reality of being a "poet".
  3. As my poetry teacher once said, you must earn your abstractions. But let me be clear on what I meant by "abstract". The images you use here aren't literal, but the words you're using and what you're saying are stringing together and making a clear, comprehensible picture. You are right to draw the distinction between poetry that leaves you scratching your head, and poetry that is just mysterious enough to give you the tingles and make you read it another 3 or 4 times. I think your poem was quite good, and I didn't know you wrote, but I suppose I should've guessed!!! I used to write poetry often, but became too busy for it. I am taking a leisure class for poetry now and it's nice to see that there are other people in the world that can write well, even on this forum : )
  4. Beautiful, ToV. It was highly abstracted but I still got it.
  5. I have lost. I have lost and gained more than anyone could know. I lost my father. I lost my father to alcohol and another family and distance and age and misunderstanding. I gained my mother. I gained unconditional love, and wisdom, and tolerance. I lost my childhood. I lost ignorance and peace and belief that fairytale endings were a right and not a privilege. I gained adulthood. I gained growth and responsibility and the realization that the world turns in ways that suit purposes grander than my own. I lost God. I lost the faith, the security, the eternal, mitigating hand of ultimate justice and reward, and belief that someday it would be rendered unto me. I gained humanity. I gained belief in my role as a member of the human race and the need for conviction and action and the enduring nature of the human spirit. I lost loves. I lost joy and passion and a state of suspended bliss in which I believed that nothing, nothing could touch me. I gained myself. I gained resolve, and faith in who I am, as a human being; I looked into the darkest depths of depression, stood bare in the face of my troubles and found a heart still beating, still alive.
  6. I dreamt last night of your black winter coat, dusted in cold winter white, the january sky, sifting down, soft and wet Its fabric turned in on nothing but pocketed air, bearing up from dark wool the subtle heat I once knew folded under your arms, folded against your body. as if you had just left. as if you had just been there. How can I forget our bodies, facing pulse to pulse, your flesh and my flesh, the spaces between, undone. Your lips, your kisses conformed, burning so hot in my mouth that I can still taste them. I know they will belong to someone else. Someone else. I feel like a stranger. I feel like a ghost moving among things unfamiliar. I can't forget, only acquiesce. Resign each hope. Shake from every bough every waking dream. Breathe out. Sink deep.
  7. I woke up this morning with my breath sinking like a lonely ship, The bow breaking against the waves and all I could think of was how I'd lost you you, somewhere, gone from my eyes forever. I'll never have you again never feel your body on mine your hand on my hand your lips on my own I could not keep you even all the beautiful things we had weren't worth a second chance.
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