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why do females have to have everything go their way and if it doesn't they get an attitude? I know that i hurt this girl last year...but i was able to keep in contact with her and though i patched things up, thought i know people don't forget. At the time i had met herthought, i had a girlfriend. I noticed a few months down the line, she would then throw her new boyfriend in my face, but i could accept it because i did the same thing. well anyway i asked her out with me, but she said lets go with friends and her boyfriend wouldn't like it...but she said she would go if friends came. I didn't want to go under those terms, so i said that i was gonna chill. She calls me the next day and now she ask me to go out with her, now i was ready to set things straight.....i basically said no and threw the boyfriend back in her face..and i didn't wanna go cause it was no longer than yesterday, that she couldn't go with me without an escort and all this. Now she's pissed off at me.

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I have responded to many of your posts and im pretty sure they are all regarding the same girl here. Why bother with her?seriously? She is wasting your time.


You said at the beginning that 'females' get an attitude if they dont get their way,but that seems to be exactly what you are doing.


Move on from her,she is wasting your time and you are wasting your time on her.She has a boyfriend now and by you still talking to her and expecting things from her is only going to frustrate you.MOve on!!

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