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Please help on filing child custody and child support


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Okay.....If there is anyone out there who can give me the procedures of filing for child custody and getting child support without getting an attorney. I would greatly appreciate it. I have my 7 year old 90% of the time and his dad gives me money but I don't think its enough considering I have alot of expenses such as rent, daycare, groceries etc. If you have any information that can help me out....

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Wellll, I'd really recommend getting an attorney. I mean, after all this is your childs welfare we are talking about here and there will be specific details we don't know here that an attorney will. In some states, if you cannot afford an attorney and the father has enough money the court will make him pay for yours.


Now, with that said (and I'm assuming you are in the U.S.) head down to your states child support enforcement office. They can help you with the proper procedures for obtaining a child support order. If you call some of the womens support groups, they also can help you find low or no cost attorneys that can help you.


If you are determined to do it yourself, go down to the family court and ask the clerk for papers to file for custody and child support. They cannot give you legal advice, but they can help you file the paperwork. Then go get a good book on how to win your custody case and study up.


But again, I strongly recommend you have an attorney.

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There should also be a legal aid office out of the social services department that can offer some advice on the basic papers/forms you need for your state and direct you to low or no cost attorneys that work on sliding fee scales according to income/expenses.


Most states have a base amount calculated according to the cost of living in your area, but the rest (any amount over and above that) is based on the father's income if I remember right...

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I would agree with what avman and The Morrigan said, but also add that this IS someting you can file on your own. Just make sure that you are informed with regard to the laws and statutes in your state. (to find those just do a seach for your "state" + "statute")


When I went through my divorce (which was quite messy) I had an attorney, but when I filed to have my ex-husband's parental rights severed I represented myself. Just make sure that you know what the law requires of you, and fill out your paperwork thoroughly.


Good Luck!

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