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not just at the end of the night

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been going out with a guy for a lil while now. were good friends before and after an awkward start things are going well. but during our dates we don't hold hands or do anything as though we are 'together' and its only right at the end that we kiss. we're both fairly shy and waiting till right when we've got to leave sort of makes us more nervous, you know like how you know its going to happen. its not like i don't like kissing him, far from it i want to do it more often! he also seems to think that i'm not altogether comfortable with him but i don't know where he's gotton that idea from - so wrong! so, any advice for how I (being extremely shy) can let him know thats its ok?

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What kind of dates are you guys going on? You might have to give him physical cues - lay your head on his shoulder, touch him when you're walking or talking and smile, tease him gently - and if all else fails, take a deep breath when a good time comes up and kiss the boy! (want a good excuse to start - rent a horror movie and hide against his shoulder, most guys aren't so shy they'll overlook that opportunity!)

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Glad you found someone you like, sorry its not 100%!


Listen, if your both shy then I bet he is thinking exaclty the same things you are! One of you has to move things on, it will be hard, but it has to be done.


Next time your out and your walking along, just take hold of his hand yourself, you dont have to wait for him to do it, chances are if hes that shy he never will! Just go for it, I bet he'll let out the biggest sigh of relief that finally one of you has finally broken the holding hands barrier at least!


The same applies for anything else, just go for it when you think the time is right, just kiss him out of the blue, it dosent matter where you are, just do it, it will take guts but it'll break down the barriers between you in an instant and your relationship will move to a whole new exciting level.


Go for it, he's waiting for you to, I promise.


Good luck

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I think getting used to physical contact is a very tough barrier for shy people (me included).

Don't be afraid to hold hands! He won't bite! (unless you want him to perhaps )


Other than that, once you get more used to physical contact, the rest should come pretty naturally. At the end when you kiss, hold eachother for a bit, to get more used to it.

Once you become comfortable with eachother, kissing will become more natural...


... at least, that's my take on the situation.


Good luck

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don't fall into a trap like that....


seriously, for a healthy relationship, kiss him as much as you desire, trust me, if you carry on and only doing 'relationship like stuff' at the end of each date, things will get out of hand. I'm talking from experience.


just pull yourself together, and kiss him when it feels right, i'm sure you know when that is..


also hold hands, you're a couple, don't want to be separated.


do that, and things will be even better than they are now.


best wishes.



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