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  1. hey guys. i posted a short while back about my girlfriend having a bit of a situation, pain during intercourse etc. thank you all for the repsonses, most of you said it sounded like cystitis. well i got together with her and we talked about it and did some research online. we found a website that stated certain problems with females that have symptoms such as painful intercourse. turns out we both think she has a yeast infection judging from the other symptoms listed, they all matched. we kind of canceled out the cystitis theory because she's had it before and she said this is nothing like it. anyways, we both live in Vancouver BC, and we've been trying to find a good gyno. I've been trying to help her look but can't really find anyone so i'm asking here. if you know any in the Vancouver area it'd be much appreciated. also, she's dreading going to a male one... just preference i guess and obvious reasons. so if you know any female gynos in that area please let us know! thanks so much! ps. do you have any advice on treating a yeast infection?
  2. hey, alright so my girlfriend and i have sex.... not as much as we used to but still quite frequently, a few times a week... anyways, lately... for a few months now, it seems to hurt her. At first we figured it was because we didn't have sex as much as we used to and she just got tighter, or she thought maybe i grew... i doubted both... but we left it at that. then this morning we were having sex again, and we had to stop because it hurt her. she says it hurts, and feels like she has to pee, but then sometimes doesn't even have to. to be honest i'm a bit worried, we talked about this earlier, and it's quite frequent where we have to stop becuase she's in pain. it's also not like she's 'new' to sex... so i'm not sure what it may be? so we talked about it and we both think something may be wrong, so she's going to see a gyno... but i'm just wondering if any of you might have an idea of what it may be? it's just frustrating because things are fine, she'll be cumming a lot before i do, but like this she'll cum a few times and then we'll have to stop because it hurts her... any suggestions?
  3. I have decided to share my story with you, mainly because it amazes me and makes me think, especially these last few days. It's about me and my girlfriend of almost a year. My girlfriend and I talk about this occasionally and are weirded out by how close we've been to meeting each other years before we first did. I was born and raised in Europe, however, due to my parent's divorce I went to see my dad during major breaks in the well known, yet small city of Whistler BC Canada. I usually went there for Christmas / Spring / and or Summer break. Funnily enough, my girlfriend was born and raised in Hong Kong. Nonetheless, her parents bought a house in Whistler years ago and her and her family also came over during main breaks such as Christmas / Spring / and Summer. Meaning her and I were in the same small town, at the same time for lengthy times several times before. I guess you can say this could happen to a lot of people, fair enough. However, when I first visited Canada with both my parents I was of a very young age and was nannied by someone who eventually ended up (and still is) a close family friend, Tom. Eventually, seeking a new challenge, Tom and his brother moved to Hong Kong to teach Tennis. This is where he taught a boy who at the time was good friends with my girlfriend. Tom taught him at the HK country club, which is where my girlfriend and her family spent lots of time. Chances are he's met my girlfriend's family. Eventually my girlfriend and her family moved to BC to send my girlfriend and her siblings to private boarding school. I moved here two years ago and am going to that same school, which is where I finally met my girlfriend. It is pretty amazing talking about this and I take it lightly. I don't believe in fate by things like this make me wonder. It's a pretty impressive story to tell I think... Oh and one last thing, her birthday is a week after mine. She usually celebrates it (and has for years, even before I met her) at a local restaurant in town. Funnily enough, that's where I have celebrated mine with my family for years. teh... it is quite weird. Thanks for reading, I just thought I'd share it!
  4. hey. me and my girlfriend recently broke up. We broke up because she is attending an art course for a month that demands so much from her that she was starting to doubt our relationship. She got too busy and had too much on her mind and that made her insecure. We have decided that when we're both happy, we're great together, and we wouldn't mind giving it another shot when the time is right, possibly when her course has ended or when she's in a normal state of mind again. We decided to remain friends. I don't want to forget about her because she was a huge part of my life, and we do have a future. but sometimes it's just hard for me. mind you we broke up only a few days ago so it's normal. I'm starting to cope a lot better especially today. I will keep contact limited because I feel most comfortable like that. Other than that, is there any other advice you can give me? thanks!
  5. I know. and that's what lead to the break up... but if she's not willing to talk to me then there's little I can do is there? like I said, to me things are over, I'm starting to try and forget her.
  6. so you're saying I should have sent her a nicer text? I was just angry that she's acting like this..
  7. hey... really all I need right now is to vent. I'm pretty shocked right now. I think that's the word that hits my emotions right now. I'm kind of angry and a little sad also. but I think shocked sums it up perfectly. me and my girlfriend have had a very good relationship (I'll admit to that..) and we hardly ever faught. recently I had to go to europe for a month and the distance made things hard. we started doubting each other and were fighting more often. We wouldn't talk for a few days on end, or only with limited contact. we then talked and she said she needed a break. so i gave her space and when i got back I went to see her because we decided to talk things through in person when I got back. I tried talking to her but she'd avoid the situation and be childish by poking me etc. I just couldn't get her to tell me how she felt. Eventually, I am sad to say we ended up kissing, making out and having sex. Things seemed alright. I found out today that that day she wrote a note to a friend at work telling him she doesn't know what's happening and she doesn't know where to point her finger at. she explained the situation to him and said she was angry at herself for letting it come to what happened. I was stupid enough to think things were alright again. She also mentioned to her friend that she couldn't have possibly told me she wanted to break up the next morning after what happened the night before. I would have rather have her do that. Instead I went home thinking things were alright. but no, things just starting over. She'd ignore. she even blocked me on her messenger. So i texted her and said; 'you're just crazy steph. you ignore me again and . you block me on messenger. snap out of it damnit. I regret the way sunday went. I knew you'd avoid talking. i shouldn't have let you. this is just stupid. i'm not even going to make an effort trying to talk to you anymore. you just waste my time. don't talk to me anymore *not like you have been but you know* have a good summer.. bye" and that was it. I haven't heard back from her and I don't want to either. I probably will though. I just pray that I don't get weak and give in to her crap. as i said, it's tough to me, I really really enjoyed the relationship we had, but I feel that this is the way to go. when we talked and she said she might need a break she mentioned maybe getting back together at school. I've thought about that since I sent her the message. i will not wait for her, I'll live her life. we'll see what happens. anyways, if you have anything to say, I'd appreciate it. thanks for reading!
  8. hey, I just wrote this real quick... it has something that I like about it, even though not every line rhymes... tell me what you think. dearest lover, I just want you to know, you're beautiful! in all that you are and everything you do, from the bottom of my heart; dearest lover, I love you!
  9. thanks for the replies so far guys... a few things though. I am very positive that she didn't meet anyone while on vacation. she was gone for two weeks with her family, visiting family and she stayed at one location for only a couple days. I also talked to her on the phone every day and things seemed perfectly normal.. about waiting until she's not that busy, the course she's attending is lasting another month... so that kind of sucks.. I was thinking, and I think we'll be on the phone in an hour or two, so I'll just bring it up there. I'll just make no big deal of it and tell her that I'm worrying but I just want to make sure things are alright.. and I'll go from there!
  10. My girlfriend of 7 months and I have had a really good relationship so far. We hardly ever fight at all. we have little arguments here and there but we hardly ever fight. We've been apart (on vacation with family) for almost 4 weeks now, and it hurts being apart, but I get back in a few days. We were talking on msn a few days ago and she had just gotten back home from overseas and was tired, jetlaged and stressed. I had just gotten back from a vacation that more stressful than relaxing though. So we started talking on msn, after I hadn't talked to her for 2 days or so. and things seemed fine, she was just busy doing a bit of work. eventually she jokingly said 'screw off you're distracting me, I hate you!!' and she did say she was joking right after... but I was hurt because i was stressed out already and it bothered me... it usually wouldn't bother me but it did. So she went off to get some stuff done and she said I should email her. So I just told her that I was a bit upset about the things she said and whatnot. and she replied and said she was offended because I was being absurd, and that she was joking etc... So eventually it all came down to her saying 'i don't want to be with you anymore...' which was childish in my eyes, over a stupid fight like that... she then came back online and we talked on msn, I explained to her that I just went through a stressful couple of days etc.. and when I asked 'so i take it we're over?' just to know what was going on, she started saying how she feels i rely on her too much. and how the relationship might be too much for her and whatnot. but when I asked her for examples of how I rely on her all the time she couldn't think of any. she also said that she feels that she is too much for me, and if we were to break up I would have forgotten about it all in a month or two.. I then asked if she wanted to break up ebcause that's what it seemed like, and she's looking for a reasoning to make me understand.. I also told her that I still loved her and wouldn't want to break up, or forget for that matter. but if she wanted to break up i'd be the last to beg her to change her mind because I know it takes two for a good relationship. she then said she was just being silly, and was really tired and that maybe she just misses me... so I told her that i love her and that I've been gone for over 3 weeks now and get back in a few days, the worst part is over.. so that was that, we basically made up for the things said earlier.. that was a few days ago, she's at an art course now which takes up pretty much all of her day, starting early in the morning and she gets home after 5. but I've texted her a few times these past few days, because I missed her and I was longing for her attention, but she hasn't replied to any of them. She did however, call me very late last night and we talked for a bit and we both said I love you etc... I just want to know, if I should bring up anything, because she does seem a bit distant to me at this time. or might she just be very busy? I know she's busy, but sending me one text, only one text isn't too much to ask is it? It would definitely make my day because I love her dearly and miss her a lot. Should I maybe bring up that issue and ask why she doesn't reply to my texts? I just don't want to stir up unnecessary things again before I get back.. but I don't know.. it's killing me, I'm really attached to her... I guess what I'm asking is, from what you've heard, would I have a reason to worry like i am, and possibly letting her know how I feel? the last time I told her how I felt she got really angry, which was a first, but I don't want to go through that again, not while I'm overseas... but I also don't want to wait because as I said, it hurts... or should I just leave it be because she is just really busy, which I totally accept... anyways, let me know what you think! thanks! -atticus
  11. morning after pill maybe? hope she's alright !
  12. hey. I'll just make this real short... I just need to vent a little. Anywho, I think I got hooked on coke. I've done it a few times. I'm not really easily addicted to things and I can usually control myself. I know I can control myself this time also, but it's just the constant thought of going out and blowing my money away for something I really don't need, but think I do. I'm more mad than anything else about the fact of getting myself into this. I have a girlfriend that I love dearly and with all my heart and I just don't know why I'm where I'm at now. I'll give it a couple days and just try and get things straight with myself and make sure this doesn't become an issue before I tell her... I couldn't hurt her like that. damnit I'm an idiot...
  13. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share this poem I wrote my girlfriend for her birthday! I'll make a card and this will be on it (her birthday is not until a few days..) anyways, I hope she's not registered here and reads this, or the surprise will be blown and I'll regret posting it! haha.. I doubt it though - I hope at least! Anyways, I'm getting her a book link removed (I think this would make a very nice gift...) It'll be interesting to look at as well as to share. so that's suitable. and I'm getting her a little necklace with a small heart on the end. overall I think it'll be an awesome present, and the poem just makes it so much better. I'm really proud of it i'm sure you can tell. hehe before I show you the poem, a little insight. she messaged me with a few lines from the kids song 'Some of my favorite things' thinking I wouldn't know it, I recognized it, and messaged her back a few other lines from the song. that's where the brown paper packages tied up with strings part comes from.. but here it is, tell me what you think: dearest lover, even though it's your birthday today, you've figured out almost all the surprises ive made, I've tried my hardest to keep some of them secret, Away from you, is where I tried to keep it, but now the time has come to let two of them go, one's quite big and the other one's quite small, wrapped in brown paper packages - like your favorite things, I even tried my hardest to tie them with strings, but the point of today is for you not to care but to make you smile and to make you aware that you're so special to me in all that you do, happy birthday my love, I'll always love you!
  14. haha gee... what I meant was, trimmed, fully shaven, an old friend of mine used to even have the brazilian thing going, although I thought it was kind of weird on a guy personally.... but you get the gist.. a little bit of common sense and you guys should have understood i think... but i explained it again, so we can all understand now..
  15. heya, with hair styles I obviously mean the pubic area... I'm just interested to see what girls prefer on guys. I mean there are a lot of varieties as to how you can have your pubic hair 'down there' I'm just wondering what the most popular style is.. Personally I'm looking for a change, I haven't asked my girlfriend what she would think of it but I doubt it'd be a problem and I'm sure a change would be nice as well and if it doesn't do it for her and for me you can always change it again, right?! right now I just have it trimmed but nothing fancy done with it if you know what I mean. So I'm just interested... what do you guys.. well girls ..think..?
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