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i've posted a few messages here before, and this is the only way that i can keep moving on. i have been devasted ever since my girlfriend and i have been having problems, but now that she is gone forever, my life has been in a wreck. i can't stop thinking about what i shoulda and coulda done in the past to make things better. that hurts worse than actually losing her. there were some things that i shouldn't have done, but there were also good things that i did do. i have been with this girl for almost three years and i was going to ask her to marry me on christmas. i graduate college in 5 weeks and i know that i may never see her again. the point that i am trying to make is that, i don't know how to continue moving on (without her). these last few days have been the worse days i have ever experienced and getting advice from people on this website has been the only way that i can keep my head above water. i wake up in cold sweats thinking about the times i made her cry; not because i cheated or anything, but because of why i would get angry. she was a great girl, and i feel like i have ruined my chances of having such a wonderful person in my life. if there is anyone with advice, it would help so much.

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Sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time with the split. We have all been in that position and made it through it. You have to think about the past and realize it is over. That does not mean your life is over. Think about this as a changing point in your life. Like a new chapter in a book you are starting with a clean slate.

Everything is what your mind makes it. Have a positive attitude about this and think about you. Give you some time to heal and as the weeks go by it does get easier to get by. I will not tell you it will be easy because it wont. This is what makes you grow as a person mentally, spiritiually, and as a person.


I am sorry but things will get better and that is a thought you will have to trust.


Be strong and don't knock yourself we are all human.



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