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things are going great... but feeling vulnerable...


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okay I just want to say thank you everyone who has been giving me advice on my past posts they have been helping a lot....


things have been going great between me and my ex on trying to getting back together.... he's planning on taking me on a romantic date for valentines day.... so I guess that's good... but I can't help feeling vulnerable about putting my feelings all on the table... and getting hurt... and I know everyone hates that feeling... I mean I know were starting over and were just "dating" but I'm still in love with him and he's not... but he does say his feelings are growing back... I donno I guess I'm just scared... should I be feeling like this? I guess its because I don't have a sense of security in this.... because he would just run off and find someone else... he says he would never do that... but what's stopping you? I donno I guess I'm just venting... I know I should be happy that things are going well..... but I can't help feeling vulnerable.

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It's normal to feel vulnerable. I'd shy away from putting all my feelings on the table in your position - it's easy to scare someone away if things are very intense and emotional right at first. Don't concentrate on what your relationship was, concentrate on what it is now and what you want to do to make it better in the future. And be happy about the romantic date!

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Hey kor, just wanted to let you know I know exactly how you feel. My boyfriend and I broke up very briefly about 5 months ago and while the break up did not last the pain sure did. I still feel vulnerable at times (as soon as I start getting really comfortable again I freak out) but this is the risk you take in exposing yourself again.


Just enjoy the company and the person he is, and tell yourself that if it ends it ends - you got through it once you can do it again.


Don't obsess about a break up or you could wish it into reality.


Oh and above all - don't make the same mistakes!

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