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Upset and disappointed


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  • 4 weeks later...

To those who read this for the first time, you will need to read all the thread since the beginning to know what went on before what I'm going to say now... sorry...


Well, I sent him this message and we started talking again for a little more than one week. This time even when our talks were equally good his emails were short and kind of distant. I tried to ignore this thinking that maybe I should have let more time go by and that maybe he still needed time and that things would get better.


Then I mentioned that his letters were too short, not like the ones he wrote before. He replied saying:

"Sweety, when my emails are shorter, than its just a lack of time. I write them at work, so I cant be long. Its very hectic at this moment over here. I am unexpectedly working late tonight. I dont know how long, because a client came up with so many alterations on a document I was working on that its almost a complete make-over...

I am sorry when my emails are short, but that doesnt mean cold. (at least not for me)

Again: sory, sory, sorry! My intentions are good, but probably they dont come accross...

Time: its very rare for me at the time... As I said before.. lots of work. I hope to catch you soon, maybe even tonight when I come home late"


The day before yesterday I sent him an email asking him to talk because I didn't want more misunderstandings if I sent him an email explaining how I felt, but then he said "I think this day is going to be another mess... I hope I can make it tonight, but for now it still looks uncertein".


So I sent him a letter saying this:


"I would have liked to talk with you to make things clear and avoid another misunderstanding but anyway here are my thoughts:


The talk about music (a very nice talk we had) that you mentioned was before we stopped talking, that's why I told you that the communication we had before is not there now. You don't share with me anymore what you did during the weekend, and even when you emailed from work before, your letters were nice and playful.


Yes, I feel that something was lost on the road.


When I asked you to leave things behind and to do BETTER in the future I meant it and expected things to go back to the way they were before, and I mean exactly that. Not more, but not less. But on the contrary all I have since we got back in touch are 2-line letters.


So I ask you again: are there still feelings on your side that haven't cooled off?

I can't help noticing the huge change in you since we got back in touch a little over a week, and I feel hurt.


I have always been honest with you and I would like to ask the same from you. I don't know if I was wrong trying to contact you again, but right now this is how I feel".


To my letter above he replied:

"Its another project I am working on that keeps me so busy. Also Tonight (I already ordered a pizza for 6 PM). Anyway... I am sorry you feel like this. I cant go into it in detail now, too busy, like I said...."


A little after that he emailed me stating that he was still at work and that he would stay there after 8 pm and he said "hmmm... pity". So I said "Pity indeed... I will be out of town next week. Maybe when I'm back you won't be as busy and things will be back to normal."


To which he replied: "Who knows? At least I dont know anymore... Its up to you. When you see me online and want to chat: OK with me... If not: also OK with me... I can go into detail on your questions, but I am to tired now and dont feel like going into detail."


Right now I feel upset and hurt, and I know that I should not write before I cool off. I don't know if I'll be cooled off when I'm back from my trip (I will leave Sunday night for a week) but anyway I want to email him, when I'm back, and send him a polite letter that makes him see that HE is the one who is being hurtful now and not me, and that if my letter is not worth a few minutes of his precious time then he is not worth one of mine... or something like that.


I need advice, please! and thank you!

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