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Okay, so there is this guy that I work with...and I have completely fallen for him, and it's driving me crazy! Trust me, I never fall for anyone unless they give me a reason to, (example: EXTREME flirting, touching, saying things about my appearance (positive things))


Anyway, he has a girlfriend...and this is why I want to stray away. If he can do these things to me while he's with her, he could do it to me. He is not even the type I usually go after, but there is just something about him that I am EXTREMELY attracted to! I never get like this! Not unless I'm looking at Derek Jeter or some hot movie star!


One night we both kind of hung around til it was just us left, and we came THISCLOSE to kissing, but then I just hugged him and said all chipper like nothing happened "see you tomorrow!"


I don't know what to do...any advice would be great! (P.S. anytime music comes on, he always slow dances with me, openly flirts with me in front of everyone, another one of my co-workers told me how this guy talked about me all the time and how beautiful he thought I was etc.)


Anything here... so confused

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Well i see your really into this "CAT" and your attracted to his personality, but i noticed you said


Quote Michelle2234 Anyway, he has a girlfriend...and this is why I want to stay away


yea, Sort of a good idea, what i mean is Flirtatious behavior in the "work place" may be all fun and games, you 2 came close to kissing, but it ended with a hug/ see you tomorrow, which probably killed his confidence, and made it aware to him that you were Not quite ready for all that...Good move, Sometimes us guys can be so fallacious with our actions, Not saying all of us..but we sometimes like to see what we can get away with, i.e. testing uncharted waters, without proper navigation around the Shallow points, and i think he just about Bottomed out his hull, he is seeing a girl, that means in a relationship, dating..whatever you want to call it..there are 2 people committed to one another, and Him trying to "see how well his boat floats" was a very risky move, I believe if he does it to his current G/f, he would do it too you, is that something you would want...? first have to ask yourself that question sweetie....just be cautious, i don't want to see you get hurt over this "captain" with a toy boat personality.



P.S. J-boe your becoming very annoying with those "push my posts higher" comments, please try to offer some "solid" more "comprehendible" advice

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Aw Sail that's too much work...


Take it from me; push his girlfriend down in mud. That'll win him over.


You: "He's my man" **PUSH**

(Ex falls down in a cartoon fashion.)

Him: (To ex) Yeah I'll see you around... (To you) Come on babe let's ride.


Simple... Devine.


Now, if you want advice that rational, we cannot speak.



I could care less about my posts number, infact.. TO ALL MODS, REMOVE ALL MY POSTS or reduce the number to -999 so it could never get bigger!!!!!!!!!!!.


I hope this helps.


Infact... I'll only post under this one message for all the replies to you; understand my posts are for humor to the person that needs advice. If you still wanna' talk just reply.





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