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Insight On Long-Distance Relationships And On Mine


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I've posted some problems i had with my girlfriend who i met on the net and who i haven't met yet and i'd say we're past those problems


I'd just like to say to everyone who's going through these online relationships ( i know there's some of you out there ) that i can relate to the younger people. i'm only 17 and i feel that i really am in love with this girl who's only 4 hours away. and sometimes i feel so neglected of insight and careness from my family just cause of the situation


it's hard to be taken seriously at times but i feel that sometimes reality just bites at you. i mean, yes i do know that i haven't met her and everything and that people feel that the feelings i have for her are not genuine just for that. but i'm not posting this to attack people who do, it's just the past couple of days i've been questioning everything.


it's really hard for me to keep a steady mind about this relationship i'm in because i can't seem to go anywhere in my life. and i have to take a stand and get things done so i can finally meet my girlfriend. i really do love her, i'm not afraid of admiting that feeling just because some people might say i'm stupid for saying that. but i know how i feel. and the road ahead of me can take me anywhere. i'm just going to do my damn best to get where i want to be


this girlfriend of mine is not just a typical girl, she's amazing in everyway. it's amazing how she puts up with some of the crap i give out. she really does care for me. and i just don't want to ruin it. any of it. i just hate the way i am sometimes and hate the way i think. i just get so lost sometimes in all of it.


can anyone relate to that?


atop of everything i'm going through another current problem. but i should be able to get through it. so i won't talk about it


i just feel so lost and lonely about all of this

i know how i feel and i just feel i can't be taken seriously

just cause i'm young and we met online


i know what i want and i can say i'm going to do my best to get there


thank you




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Hello Radiotone


No one can say your not really in love, only you know that. its inside you.


The feelings you have are real, the person your in love with is real.


I do suggest that you meet her in person though as soon as possible.


I recently was in a online relationship, I thought the woman was being truthfull to me, and really had an interest in moving forward in her life.

i went to visit her, and well, her true self came out. she still hooked on her Ex. and did a 180 on me like you wouldnt believe. and i was just being used as a emotional crutch.


All im saying is, make contact with her soon, find out if its going to work out in real life. sometimes people pretend to be someone they are not, or wish they were. Im not saying your girl will be like my bad experience. but you need to make real life contact with her.

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As much as people in Internet relationships want to believe that they "real" - they are not. Chatting, email and talking on the phone is not the same as being with someone in person, going out with them, actually being in their "real" life. I have been in a long distance and thereforeeee Internet based relationship for over two years and I can assure you that having an online relationship and being with someone for real is not the same thing. Being devoid of physical contact, spending time with and actually being around that person is all so important in a relationship, if such a relationship is to be considered as real and taken seriously.


I agree that perhaps the trust and emotional elements might be satisfied, but there is so much more to be being with someone than those things. Actually being physically with someone is so important if the relationship is to flourish, grow and progress. For the longest time, I felt similar to how you feel - you think you love her and shes amazing - even though you haven't actually met her yet.


Gilgamesh is totally correct when he says that you should meet her as soon as possible. My honest advice is not to even treat her as your girlfriend until you've met her, in fact until you've met her and been with physically her a number of times. I'm sorry to say this but online and offline relationships are simply not the same.


I truly wish you the best of luck, that you appreciate each other offline as much as you do online and everything works out. By the way I find it interesting that she is only 4 hours away and you haven't met each other yet? The girl you love is only 4 hours away you haven't met her yet? What are you waiting for?

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