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advice from a girl's point-of-view...

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i'm tryin to think of exactly what should i say to this girl when i finally see her. i know "do u wanna hang out sometime" shouldn't be the first words out of my mouth, but yet i don't wanna take too long in case it gets uncomfortably obvious that i'm tryin to pick her up even tho she'll probably suspect that anyway. i was thinkin of startin up a conversation like "so how'd u do on that test?" then make up some jokes about that and about the class for a few minutes. then, say "your name's megan, right?" then take it from there. i wanna try and keep the conversation lighthearted and funny so it doesn't feel like i'm proposing to her, u know. lol.. here's the thing. in the past, when i finally pop the question, i've done it in different ways. i've asked "can i give u a call sometime", "do u wanna hang out sometime" and those didn't work. maybe if they're taken or not interested, then it didn't matter how i asked, u know. maybe so, but what do y'all think i should say to this girl? i was thinkin of sayin after we've talked for a while, "hey, i know we just met, but would it be cool if i can maybe give u a call sometime?" and say that in like a 'i just wanna be friends' kinda way, nothin more. do u think that's ok to say or should i phrase it different?

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Start off by asking her a question, something funny and sarcastic like "don't you think so and so professor is having a midlife crisis" or something useful like, "Hey I'm thinking about taking Anthro next semester, have you taken it? With whom?"


Keep it casual. Don't say something generic like, "Hey, can we hang out sometime?" It's kind of like a forceful way of making the other party not feel guilty. Sometimes if they don't want to hang out with you, they'll say "Sure, why not..." and then just never return your calls.


Just talk to her. Get to know her, and then ask if you could hang out or catch a movie....Be creative!

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mahlina, what u said is very true, and i should know. a couple years ago, i asked this girl to hang out sometime. she seemed half-interested and after i got her cell phone number, i called like 2 days later. no one picked up. i didn't wanna leave a message and sound desperate, so i called after another couple days. the same thing happened. and a year ago, i asked a girl if i could give her a call sometime as we were walkin out of class 2gether and she said "umm. ok. i'll give u my number next class". obviously, she never did. sorta like what mahlina said; they feel guilty about just sayin "no" right then and there, so i gotta make sure i don't put that pressure on her. and i also gotta be creative like u said. i was thinkin of combining both questions like if i do get her number, then follow-thru right after that by suggesting somethin for us to do like go to a movie on a friday or somethin. that way, i don't gotta worry about her not returning my call so i can ask that. it's like being persistent and playing it cool all at the same time. nifty_swifty1 also has a point too. i just gotta be myself and stop worryin so much about what to say cause if she's not interested in the first place, then it won't matter anyway. if she really likes me, i don't think she'll dislike me b/c i phrased the question differently. so with that in mind, i gotta just chill out and wait till i see her next week cause for all i know, if i keep stressing this like i been doin, when that day finally comes to ask her, i'll freeze up b/c i spent too much time thinkin about it. and the fact that i've posted about this several times shows that i'm already second-guessing my every thought. lol.. from here on out, i gotta stop worryin about it, wait till next week, then just do it. thanx, y'all....

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