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Just wondering if I am the only one or is there an abundance of sensitive men other then myself out there. and I dont mean sensitive push overs more or less sensitive dudes that strive too much to please there significant other and dont ask for much in return.


Im so lost, someone reply with an YAY or a NAY.

My GF I meet when she was 2 months pregnant 2 years ago,. I took on fatherhood of her 3 year old and the newborn. She is a depressed person but a beautiful person with anger issues and a * * * * ed up ego. Somethign I hate in mpeople yet I saw past that and realized she is a sweet person. I am clean, organized, patient and very calm, she is the opposite.


We had a kid on accident but it was an amazing thing cause it was my daughter. I now have 3 kids but on participated in 1. But I take on all 3.


When she was not pregnant she never worked, was on wellfare, accused me of being a bad person (because Im a man), diddent drive, was cold and harsh.

I looked past it.


WE moved into a house together and things got worse but I tried to stay persistent and strong because you cant give up on people so fast just becasue you cant agree with there lifestyle. She still wouldent work, just sat around, asked me to do everything for her, clean, garden, feed kids, drive, errands, budget, bank, work everything.

She got pregnant so I tried hard to make it good for her, but Its hard with 2 kids that arnt yours and you try to be a good father and boyfriend


I was told I failed in giving her the pregnancy she wanted, I tried to love all the kids the same, I was told I diddent work as hard as her, and when I tried to explain my side I would be addressed with anger and humilation by her and sleep in the living room on a couch. Prior to her I had money and an open heart and I love my kids, but To have to constanly feel like you can never ever be good, right or just comfortable is scary. I dont want to leave because deep down I feel we can make it, but we have been saying this and she fails to see that Its not just one person its both.

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It kinda sounds like your gf is taking advantage of you or is punishing you for being the same sex of someone or someones in her past who hurt her (given that she apparently thinks all men are scum).


It sounds like you wanted to rescue her and bring out her good qualities. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any reason to change her bad qualities, so you are dealing with those too. You sound like a great guy, but she is taking advantage of you - you care for her, you earn a living, you take care of all three kids and you do everything and she doesn't do much at all... and blames you for not doing enough!


Artique... I think you need to put your foot down and get her to go to couples counseling. If she refuses, I think you might need to think about not being her bf and "slave" anymore.


If you don't change things, she will see no reason to change.

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First, let me say how wonderful I think it is that you've taken on responsibility for the 2 kids that aren't biologically yours.


Second, it sounds like she needs counseling, therapy, meds, something because she's really depressed. Then, you two need to get some couples counseling to work through the issues between you.

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