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hi im alex and im need to this forum. Im 22 years old and i was with girlfriend for four years. over the course of the four years we had good and bad times. The bad times where mostly cause because of me.

About 3 weeks ago she came to me and said it was over. i started to cry because this came out of no where. I went to her house the next day to have a talk with her. She said that last two years were bad and we werent making any progress. She said that she loved me but wasnt in love with me any more. A few days went by and i return to her house again. She asked me for some time like 6 months so she could focus on school and so she coudl think about what she wanted. however just the other day she told me she only said that to give me the benifit of the doubt and that she wasnt in love with me and she wanted to move.

This has been very hard on me since i cant seem to force my self to eat, i cant sleep, im an emotional reck because i want her in my life. I see some of our pics that were taken a month ago and i can tell we were inlove with each other. I dont know what to believe.one of the last questions that i asked her was , is it possible for you to fall in love with me again? she doesnt know, only time will tell.

this are the two things she has seen to me in the past few weeks

1)im not in love with you any more i just wanted to move on.

2)i dont know whats wrong with me, i know you love me and but im not in love with you. I just feel numb right now i need some time apart.

so i ask you guys and girls for your help on what to do. THe holidays are coming and if i don get help i know i know i wont be strong enought o keep on living.

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Hey Man,

I really feel for you here. This sounds like its been a horrible ordeal for you, especially after a four year relationship.

I'm sorry to say- I dont think there's a lot you can do at the moment. If she is truly set on not being with you, then you'll have to accept that. But don't despair! I once thought I couldnt go on after my first love dumped me, but I pushed on, and I found a girl who I've been with since then, and love more than life. My point? There's always hope.

If you really want her back more than anything, my advice is to let her come to you. If, after some time apart, she decides she still cares about you, she'll tell you. But if you pursue her now, chances are she'll just recoil more.

Anyway, good luck!



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thanks for that posted eidan. I love this girl and i know i can spend the rest of my life with her. and i know she felt the same way for me up to a few weeks ago. She has told me that i she is having a better time with me over the past few weeks than she has over the past months. However she still tells me she is not in love with me. I have HOPE that we will get back together i just cant be forcing her to answer my questions when she doesnt even know the answers.

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