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I should be happy today...


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I'm confused about my own emotions.


Up until this last summer I had never dated before, and my first experience taught me that there was a lot I needed to learn. So I started reading all I could about how to actually be an attractive guy and whatnot.


Anyway, there's a girl in a couple of my classes that I've always had a bit of a crush on for a while now. I've slowly gotten to know her fairly well this semester and I found that she's usually really friendly around me. Well, I decided that it was time to ask her out. For days I thought about exactly what I wanted to say until I had this perfect 'script' in mind.


I caught up with her after class and completely botched what I wanted to say. I can be fun and joke around with girls just fine these days but when I try to ask someone out or something I still get horribly nervous and sound like a moron. But anyway, I got the point accross, asked her to lunch sometime, and she said, "Ummm... okay."


The thing is, I know I should be excited and happy tonight, but I just kind of feel a bit depressed and... inadequate or something. Maybe I kind of feel like kind of a fraud. I've been putting on this big 'act' this semester, socializing with everybody and getting respect from classmates and improving on my fashion and grooming habits... but when it comes down to it I'm just a shy guy who falls apart when it comes to really talking to the opposite sex.

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Aww, you're being way too hard on yourself. Sitcoms wouldn't be funny if this didn't happen to most people. She probably thinks it's cute. Girls like it when guys get all tongue-tied around us--it's flattering.


Congrats on putting down the dating books and jumping in the pool. The best advice doesn't sell books, but it's true: Just be yourself and try to have fun, and you'll do fine.

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Well, be yourself. Dress and do as you want to, not JUST to look better for her.


Tongue tied is crazy. It is a bodily reaction. So go with her and don't think about you. Listen to deathmetal music to get rid of doubt and just clear your mind. then listen to her and just be in the moment. Like meditate before you go.

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