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My tongue feels like sandpaper!


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How would you describe the physical sensation of a man's tongue when he is going down on you? And does it vary with each guy. One girl I went out with described it by saying it felt like sandpaper. Apparently, this was a good thing and she was happy with it. I just find it kind of odd and not at all what I expected her to feel! What have your experiences been like?




Have the girls tried to describe the physical part of it to you? If so, what did they come up with? I understand it may vary based on how it is used....sucking, side to side, long flat, pointed tongue etc.

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Ya, I find that VERY odd. How could sandpaper, on your womanly parts feel good?! That just sounds horrible to me, yuck!!!


Anywho, I've been fortunate to have 1 boyfriend (well, if I'm going to be technical about it, he was a fiance...for a short period of time ), who knew exactly what he was doing while doing that. And boy was it amazing.


The other one......oh my gosh!!!! Soooooooooooooooooo horrible. And he had braces!!! I was scared he would do damage down there. That hurt so badly, I had to stop him almost immediately, and make up an excuse as to why.


And the last one was inbetween. Not that great, not horrible.


Anywho, if she tells you that it feels like sandpaper and that she likes it, it can be a few things....

1. She is being sarcastic, and is hoping you'll get the message

2. Pain turns her on

3. She is totally lying, and is telling you what she thinks you'll want to hear.

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She apparently liked it (still wants to do it now). But I too find it hard to believe she liked that aspect of it. I guess I should ask her more about it next time I see her. But I know where that conversation will lead....


I know she isn't being sarcastic. Pain does turn her on, but she seems to like pain more internally around the vaginal opening (stretching it slightly during sex)...not during oral. (3) Is a definite possibility with her. However, it was her that brought it up. No prompting. She told it to me about like I am telling it to you. She just thought it was odd but liked the feeling. She would never jump back and could orgasm that way pretty well. Normally when there is too much pressure or a little too fast, a girl will pull back some and you know to back off and go slightly more indirect or a bit slower. Whatever it was, the sensation was pleasurable.


My technique is lacking (takes me a while to get a girl to orgasm). But it is more a rhythm issue than how the tongue feels I think. The sensations are always pleasurable? So I don't know.

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Interesting! I did a little experiment


The top part of my tongue does feel a bit rougher than than the underside. I just used the tip of my index finger to test it. I think you tend to feel that aspect of it more with slow licks bottom to top. You can feel the surface better that way. If anything, it feels like a light touch would tickle a bit down there for a girl. That also helps explain why lazy circles around a woman's clit feels so good. You are getting several different types of stimulation that way....the smoother underside and the rough top of the tongue. I'd be willing to bet most people feel more roughness on top than bottom. Mine does feel a bit like sandpaper. That girl was right! Has nothing to do with what I am actually doing with it....that is just how the surface feels period.

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Will work on a field report. May have a chance to spend some time with this girl soon!


Sandpaper ?? Like a cats tongue ??



Actually that is an interesting thought. I grew up around cats so I know what a cat's tongue feels like. All I can really say is that it is a very small fraction as rough as a cat's tongue. Maybe 1/20th as rough to give an idea. But it is the same type of feel. It just tends to be a mild tickle when I end up feeling the roughness.

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