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i need help wont to get back together

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ok here is my pablum I just broke up with my girl friend this week after 1 month and 3 weeks. she broke up with me because she felt that she was not ready to be committed yet after her last relationship. and that things were going to fast right now for her. and that she just wonts to be best friends. now I no everyone tells me that I should not talk to her. but if I don't how will I get back together with her or be friends with her. she calls me still every day I talk to her when she does, a lot of my friends are friends with her so I will see her at my friends house or when we all go out. I just really wont to get back together with her. but if not I would like to be good friends with her but I don't no if I should call her or make plans with her or just wate for her to do that right now

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