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Im am confused at wether I have been physically abused before. There was one day I was really tired and went to bed around 4 c'clock because I wasn't feeling good and my adoptive mother came downstairs and told me to go outside I answered "no im too tired I need my rest" she yelled that I needed to pay here $5 I said ok i need my rest and then she told me to get the money. I had 3 $20 bills and so i gave her one and asked that she would pay me back later. She said no i want exact change which I DIDNT HAVE and then fined me ANOTHER $20 and I finally just stormed outside in my stocking feet and and fan after me and grabbed my arm and yanked me backwards yelling "dont run away dont even try that" and i tried breaking her grip and the next thing i knew she was yelling for my father and my father came out and kicked me behind the knees and forced me to the ground then they proceeded to straddle me. I resisted and tried getting up by kicking and pushing. My dad then went inside and got some pills (anti-anxiety pills that were on hold because this wasnt the first instance where they told doctors that i was in the blame and just blew up on them for no reason) and some zip ties. They then turned me over so i was on my stomach with my hands behind my back and tried zip tying my feet and hands together, i thankfully being quite skinny slipped out of the ties before they could get them to fasten tight enough to keep me tied up. But then they got the pills and my mother proceded to try shoving the pills down my throat and i spit them back out. She kept putting her finger in my mouth and i said "if u put ur finger back in my mouth ONE more time i will bite it" she did again and i bit down just enough to give her a little pinch but kept holding on. She screamed "bob! Shes hurting me!" and then my dad elbowed my head into the rocks and called the cops on me. I tried commiting suicide that night because i was having enough of this but it didnt work. I was put in the hospital that night and they asked if i was having suicidal thoughts and i said yes and they put me into a mental facility the next morning and the people there after a week or close to said to one of my friends parents "she doesn't belong here. She is a smart and good child" and said that they were afraid i was going to take freedom when i got it too much to my head because i am basically locked up in my room because im a "bad child" there are more mentally related questions i would like to ask but i have so much in my life right now i dont have time. this is taking enough time as it is. Please let me know if this is physical abuse or if i was in the wrong. Believe me i have heard that i was in the wrong for biting y mother and thereforeeee i should have been locked up for assult of my parents. i can take ur reply whether u say its child abuse or i was assultive. thanks

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Ummm… I can't imagine anyone going to that extreme under those circumstances. I have a very sneaking suspicion that there is quite a bit that you left out. First off I have friends that are shrinks, and not a one of them would Rx something like that without just cause, so ether you have corrupt parents and shrinks, or there is more to the story. I think you're just setting people up so you can get someone else to tell you that you're right. If you can honestly say that there actions were really unprovoked, then you are in a dangerous situation and need to get out, but I must say that some of what you said doesn't line up, and at the moment I believe you're telling the truth, the partial truth, and nothing that would make you seem wrong. I do know that there are strange things that happen though, and you could be telling the whole story.

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If your parents initially felt like you were out of control, then they should have called the cops to take over the situation. Nobody has a right to zip tie your ankles and wrists, and force pills down your throat. They also do not have a right to kick your feet out from under you, and smack your head against a rock.

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Hey Tanisha!

Altought what nifty swifty said is right, I really believe your parents, adoptive or not, CAN'T harm you in that way. Even if you behave really badly, smacking your head into a rock can cause you death. Personally, I'm not against what you did to protect yourself, as they were doing something against your will and safety.


I really think you and your parents need some professional help.

Killing yourself won't solve the problem. Don't try that, instead, GET HELP.


Keep us updated!


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Hi Tanisha!


I agree with Nifty. It sounds like you are a strong person. I feel really bad about your situation. It's good that you are not keeping things inside. However, with your situation, I think that the best way to solve this is to talk to your school counseler or social worker.


Since your mother is your adopted parent, is there a social worker who worked with your mother prior to the adoption? If so, then maybe you could look her up on the internet, and tell her about your situation.

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