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Hopefully this helps you in some way. WORTH READING


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I don't know where to put this and since this thread is usually about the sadness of break ups, thought I'll put it in here. Since I went through my break up pretty bad, I read this which gave me a better picture about life, pretty true to. It help me in some way to look beyond at what your looking at and realizing your situation a little better in life. I'm not sure if you read this before or anything but I'm pretty sure it will help in some way because it did for me and I'm glad I read it. It is pretty long but it is WORTH READING.






WARNING: What you're about to read is based on hundreds of interviews,

surveys, books, and statistics I've assembled over the last few years. This

blog will piss a lot of you off. Why? Because a lot of you think you know

what love is. Well folks, I'm here to challenge that assumption. So get

your hate mail ready! And make sure you read everything! Enjoy!



FUN FACT: Most women (even the most beautiful)

are not satisfied with the way they look. Many guys

(even the drop dead ugly ones) think they're God's

gift to women.



PLEASE stop posting pictures that look nothing like you. Take off the big

sunglasses. Stop trying to be emo. Stop changing your hair and smiling

crooked just to hide your imperfections. If you want to post a picture that

looks NOTHING like yourself, then at least post one picture that DOES

look like you. (Preferably a picture of yourself RIGHT AFTER YOU



I know you'll probably get less comments, but hey! At least you'll know

who your real friends are. =)


Seriously though, I know that underneath it all, you just want to be loved and

liked (and envied), but don't sacrifice who you REALLY are just for attention.


* * *



If you decide to wear clothes showing off half your * * * *, and skirts showing

99 percent of your thighs, then for goodness sake, do NOT get mad when

guys approach you for the purpose of JUST sex.


When us guys see you dressing skimpy, we do NOT think to ourselves:

"Hey. Check out that lovely young lady. She's exactly the kind of woman

I want to marry and take home to my mother."


NO. When guys see you dressed like that,

we all ask each other the magic question:

"Would you hit that?"


MY ADVICE: "If it's not on the menu, DON'T ADVERTISE IT."


If you'd like to be treated with respect, then dress respectfully.

It's not rocket science.


* * *




You're not gangsta. I hate to break it to you, but REAL gangstas don't

have myspace. Stop puckering your lips for the camera to look sexy.

Stop dogging the camera like you're all hard.

That's not what REAL MEN do.



REAL MEN treat women as God's creations. NOT as sex objects.

REAL MEN stick up for those who can't stick up for themselves.

REAL MEN don't get into fights just 'cus someone dogged them.

REAL MEN don't get into fights 'cus of stupid rumors.

REAL MEN fight to protect their wives and children.

REAL MEN fight injustice.

REAL MEN fight racism!


* * *


So to all the MEN and WOMEN reading this:

Please, be yourselves.

Be the REAL you. Stop trying to build up this "illusion" of what you wish

people saw you as. If you constantly pretend to be something you're not,

you'll never meet REAL friends. You'll never marry a person who loves

you for the REAL you.


* * *


FUN FACT: The smartest people in the world are MEN!

The stupidest people in the world are ALSO men!

Women tend to be more balanced when it comes

to intelligence and skills.



Because the human brain is divided into two hemispheres (the left

hemisphere and the right hemisphere), AND while women use both

hemispheres, men tend to use ONE side more than the other.


This would explain why


I cannot count the number of times I've seen a woman talking on her

cell phone, doing her makeup, and changing a CD...




If you're telling him to do something while he's watching football

(or playing Halo), he won't remember what the hell you told him.

This MIGHT seem like a bad thing, BUT being able to think

about ONE thing at a time makes him a DEEPER thinker.

Ever wonder why most philosophers are MEN?


* * *





MEN are usually laid back.

This helps a woman loosen up when she's stressing out.


Women are usually more organized.

This helps men when they're procrastinating too much.

(Ladies, you can call yourselves procrastinators all you want,

BUT you can never out-procrastinate a guy. TRUST ME.)


MEN are usually more calm when something BAD happens.

This is good for women because they tend to panic more easily.


MEN can sometimes be very insensitive.

WOMEN are usually more compassionate and caring.

Don't believe me?


Let a random man hold a baby,

and the baby will probably start crying.

Let a random woman hold a baby,

and the baby will probably start laughing and smiling.


Most women want a man to win/earn their heart.

Men like to compete and WIN.


MEN are stronger physically.

WOMEN are stronger verbally.


So, to all the men reading this:

USE your strength to protect women and raise children.

Don't use your strength to abuse and take advantage of them.


As for the women?

USE your words to build up and encourage men and children.

Don't use your words to gossip and nag about everything.


God has created BOTH men and women with unique traits. As we live with

one another, we must learn how to find BALANCE in our strengths and

weaknesses. We must learn how to work together and LOVE one another.



Women LOVE affection. So learn to show your appreciation with gifts

and well-planned dates! BE CREATIVE. Roses, candy, and stuffed

animals WILL get old after a while. When a woman complains to you,

it doesn't necessarily mean she wants you to give her advice.

Sometimes she just wants you to SHUT UP and LISTEN!



Men WANT respect. Sometimes all a guy really wants to hear is:

"I believe in you" or "I know you can do it."

Learn to show your appreciation for the little things he does.

Sometimes he REALLY does try to be considerate, but you

just don't notice.



Respect the little differences. And be sure to RESPECT THE SPACE!

Sometimes we all need some time to just BREATHE. Men, let your woman

go to Forever 21 with her girlfriends. Let her watch Oprah without constantly

repeating how "gay" the show is. AND ABOVE ALL ELSE:

PLEASE... don't talk back when she's on her P-E-R-I-O-D.


Because if you do... May God have mercy on your soul.


AND ladies? Let your man play some Halo 2! Let him watch the Lakers!

Let him fart in his hand and cover it over his homie's face! (Because ladies,

i know some of you do the SAME exact thing when guys aren't around. ;P)


* * *




Don't get me wrong! I LOVE movies like "A Walk to Remember,"

"The Notebook," "Love Actually," "The Little Mermaid," and

"Serendipity," BUT if you think great LOVE STORIES can be

found this easily... you're sadly mistaken.


Temptation 2: LOVE SONGS

Do any of these songs look familiar? =)


Believe it or not, movies and music can really influence you.



A good horror movie will keep you up all night.

Listening to Lil' Jon will make you want to sock someone's face.


Likewise, romantic comedies can make you THINK you're in love when

you're really not. They can make you BELIEVE "everyone's falling in love

EXCEPT you." As for love songs, they will either keep you depressed (if

you just broke up with someone), or tempt you into hooking up with

some random guy/girl who's nowhere NEAR ready for a relationship.


Temptation 3: PORNOGRAPHY

Hey fellas. I know most of you think "there's nothin' wrong with a little

Jenna Jameson after a hard days work", but... I disagree.


When you're done watching porn and you've finished

"laying the smackdown" on yourself, you are left with

more than just sticky hands and wadded up kleenex.


You are left with images BURNED into your mind.

You can go to internet explorer and hit "CLEAR HISTORY"...

You can locate your Limewire folders and delete all your videos...

You can even throw out all your Playboy mags and hardcore xxx tapes...

Regardless, the images will still haunt you.


When you're having a simple conversation with a close female friend,

you begin to imagine THEIR FACE on the bodies of your favorite

porn stars. You don't mean to, but "you can't help it."


It becomes harder to stay faithful to your girlfriend/wife.

It becomes harder to concentrate when you're around women.

You begin to think you're "in love" when you're actually just horny.


This MIGHT seem like a joke for you, but if you're seriously struggling

with porn, and find yourself watching it everyday, check out this website:



This site is not only helpful, but really funny!

You see... Whether you admit it or NOT. the more porn you watch,

the CRAZIER your addiction becomes. It starts off with regular porn,

but then you get tired of it. Suddenly, you find yourself watching

bestiality, lolitas, hentai, and shemales! Before you know it, you

get to the point where you're watching girls peeing and crapping

all over each other! SO PLEASE...








* * *


Women are great liars. As good as they are at lying to

others, they are even better at lying to themselves.




"I can't help it! I'm in love!"


"I can change him!"


"But he needs me!"




"If you really love me, you won't leave me!"


"If you breakup with me, I'll kill myself!"


"If you leave me, I'll hurt you!"


"I'm pregnant!"


* * *


Some of us take our HEART BREAKS to another level by immediately

hooking up with another person after we just broke up. This is our

desperate attempt to get our ex jealous OR to forget the pain.


This explains why SOME people get addicted to clubbing,

partying, drinking, and getting high. They're NOT trying

to "just have fun"...





LADIES and GENTLEMEN, this is not love.

This is infatuation. Love does NOT make you do STUPID things.

Love is a commitment to do what's BEST for another person.

(Even if that means breaking up with them)



Have you ever thought you were "IN LOVE,"

but later realized you were lying to yourself?

If you have... could it be that maybe...

JUST MAYBE, you might be wrong right now?


* * *



"Whoever is without Love does not know God,

for GOD IS LOVE!" --1 John 4:8


If God is Love... Then why is he hardly

the center of most of our relationships?


If God is Love...

Then why not ask HIM for advice

when it comes to understanding what TRUE Love is?

Going to anyone else is like going to a Honda

Dealership for a Volkswagen part.




MYTH: All men are jerks!


TRUTH: Anyone who believes this statement is an idiot.

There are plenty of great guys all around. These are the

guys who comfort you when jerks break your heart.

They're the ones who don't always tell you what you

want to hear, but what you need to hear.


* * *



in·cen·tive. Something, such as the fear of punishment or

the expectation of reward, that induces action or motivates effort.


* * *


FUN FACT: BOYS follow incentives.


If you date a boy while he's still a boy, guess what?

He'll stay a boy. This is because you REWARD HIM

before he has a chance to grow up.


BUT if you make a boy WAIT and become a MAN before

he can date you, this will eliminate the odds of you dating a jerk!

Believe it or NOT, guys who are made to WAIT are far more likely

to be faithful to you, than the average guy!




* * *


If any of you "NICE GUYS" are reading this blog, and you can RELATE to

what I'm saying, then here's some words of encouragement for you:


"Nice guys DON'T finish last.

They LAST to the finish."


If a girl passes you up because she wants to date a GUY

that her girlfriends think is cuter, then it's HER LOSS.


DON'T rush into random relationships in hopes of eventually finding

the right person! BE PATIENT. Let God write your love story.


See. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a LOVE STORY filled

with twists and turns, than a bunch of failed relationships full of




SLOW DOWN people.

Let Go and Let God!


* * *


MY ADVICE: "Don't date someone unless you consider marrying them."


"WHAT?!? BeeJay!!!

Have you lost your mind??"


Let's sit and think about it. When you date someone, YOU might think it's

"just for fun," but there's no way of predicting FEELINGS that might

eventually grow. What if you FALL for someone, and they don't fall

for you? Who gets hurt?


What if you date someone for fun, sex, and scamming,

and they end up falling for you? Now they're the one who gets hurt?


In other words,

make sure you choose carefully who you date because FEELINGS

are involved. If you play with feelings, you can REALLY hurt someone.

In fact, some of you are STILL hurt because of a few people you've dated.

So take dating seriously. PLEASE.


MY ADVICE: Don't "play" hard to get. BE hard to get!


Having a great "LOVE LIFE"

means MORE than finding the right person.

You also have to BE the right person!


* * *


Sex is good. Real good. Even God said it was good!

BUT there is one condition: GET MARRIED FIRST.


BEFORE you label me old fashioned or boring, here are a few

statistics I've learned from psychology and science journals!


Teens and young adults

who have premarital sex

are FAR more likely to:


Get divorced

Become suicidal

Go into depression

Be unfaithful during marriage

Have severe marital problems


Teens and young adults who

get pregnant before marriage

are FAR more likely to:


Not finish college

Have an abortion

Go into poverty


These statistics are NOT meant to discourage you.

These statistics are here to HELP YOU understand that




God allows SCARS to remain NOT because he hates you,

BUT to remind you that foolish actions DO have consequences.


* * *




The first time you stick duct tape on someone, it REALLY sticks.

The next time you do it, it's not as sticky. The more you do it, the

less sticky it becomes. In other words, the more sex you have with

different partners, the HARDER it is to commit. Eventually, you won't

even be able to feel any LOVE or PASSION towards your partner(s).

It will become an empty, emotionless act.


What is the REASON for sex?

Some of you will say "pleasure."


But is that it? How about eating? EATING feels pleasurable?

Is that the REASON we eat? NO. We eat because it helps sustain

life and health. Likewise, we must understand that sex is not just

for pleasure. Sex also CREATES LIFE. This is why sex is

considered so sacred. This is why sex is NOT to be abused.


FUN FACT: Of all our bodily functions

(digesting, sleeping, breathing, etc),

CREATING A CHILD is the only bodily

function that requires TWO people.




"Shouldn't we test drive the 'vehicle' before we drive it off the lot?"

(Christina comparing premarital sex to test driving a car)


Okay. Let's pretend you find a great "sex partner."

You decide to marry them, BUT one day, they get

into a terrible accident and they can no longer

have sex. Would you divorce them?



"Getting married to have sex is like buying a 747 to get free peanuts!"



Marriage is about more than just sex. It is a commitment to be there

for your spouse through sickness and in health, for better or for worse,

till death do you part. It is the coming of two souls to become one.


* * *




Hey BeeJay! I'd like to share these verses

recited at my Wedding ceremony:


"My husband and I knew we were ready for the

commitment of marriage when we were BOTH

able to insert each of our names

in place of the word 'LOVE'.


Love is patient and kind.


Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude.


Love does not demand its own way.


Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged.


Love is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.


Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful,


And endures through every circumstance. Love will last forever..."


--1 CORINTHIANS 13:4-8

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y'know i liked that and for many i do believe that will be a hard pill to swallow.


but i do agree some good ole fashioned values wouldnt go amiss. we all have to change the way we view sex and that.... its too easy too cheap too on show....the balance i also agree has tipped the other way espesh as it does ruin relationships and ppls self esteem...thats not just harmless fun


and its nothing to do with the taliban (what an ignorant comment that was btw)...its to do with self respect on both sides of the sexes.


women dress like whores and men act like dogs and thats on mtv at 9am and loadsa films on digi....(no im not anti west, just pig sick of sex being the be all and end all in the western world just to sell some product ffs!)


ive seen it and my 9 year old son seen it too...much to my horror. now ive got to bring up a daughter into this crap and constantly convince her that beauty comes from within and not the latest hotpants, and that curves are beautiful not fat and shes a woman not a sex object....im dreading it tbh...


all this from an ex glamour model/pole dancer....and survivor of a good few sexual abuse crimes...so i know how you get trapped into believing the hype and 'empowerment' you feel...its all BS ladies and gents


ANYWAY....nuff ranting and raving...yes an interesting post

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