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help i did something stupid

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weed isnt that major just dont do anything more harsh cuz its dagerouse

its not really worth the worry and it is expensive so if u want your cash to stay in your pocket dont bother with it

i tried it but i didnt think it was that big a deal i tries it 1nce and i say if you cant have fun without drugs then yu need help

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If your conscience is bothering you that badly, tell your parents flat-out. (And skip the drinking water thing, you're not going to "sweat it out"-marijuana takes about 30 days to completely leave your system, nothing you do will change that.) If you're scared to tell your parents, then just DON'T DO IT AGAIN. It's truly not worth it. It's expensive and you generally don't need the kind of people who make pot a focus in their lives. (I speak from past experience on this.)


I don't know what your folks are like, but generally parents really DO appreciate their kids coming to them with a stupid mistake they made and the courage it took to be honest with them. They might be upset, but that's not going to last. In the long run, they'll trust you more for having been up-front with them and telling them. But again, that's your decision, it depends on how guilty you're feeling!

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Listen my brother was on herion for about 14 years of his life and it messed him up alot. So you smoked some marijuana, big deal you tried it thats a good thing you know the effects you can tell people not to do it, i wouldnt telll your parents they dont need to know, just as long as you dont do it again its cool, in the long run it gives brain damage. Your parents would have tried it before but trust me dont do it again because it is stupid and a waste of time. Once is enough.

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I couldn't agree more with what Mar has said.


Most parents would appreciate their kid being honest and admitting "I've made a terrible mistake". Part of growing up is being able to admit mistakes and take the responsibilty for them. I've done stupid things numerous times (Nothing illegal though and certainly no drugs) and I've always come clean and admitted them. My mother knows she can trust me with her life because I won't lie to her. She knows that I'm one of the most honest people she knows and she will tell me anything and likewise I trust her too.


Really trust me on this, it's easier just to admit a bad mistake than drink so much water you get stomach cramps and as Mar said it will still be in your system for several weeks anyway. There is no way to get rid of the evidence.


If you are frightened of your parents then I can understand your worries about admitting it and in this case it may be wise to keep quiet if you suspect you might get a beating or worse. If this is the case then keep quiet and just continue as normal. Don't worry about it otherwise they will see something is wrong and they may get suspicious.


If you get on fine with your parents then the best thing to do is just to admit what you have done and admit you made a mistake.

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