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why do girls do this type of thing?

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heres the situation............i went to a jack and jill party last saturday night. a girl who was there from town i know was also there. she was on me all night like white on rice. not being over touchy, but hitting on me none the less. after many hours of dancing/partying we ended up in bed together. it was her idea and she pursued the whole thing. i simply was ready just to pass out. i didnt even put my hands on her. i mean i wanted to but im just not that type of guy i guess. well......she basically jumps in bed and lands a wet one on me. just not a peck type kiss. we spoon with her grabbing my hand and pulling it tite around her body. it was nice.

the next morning she takes me to my truck gives me a peck on the lips and a hug and says shell talk to me later. heres the kicker.......


acouple days later i here from some people that she told her recently broken up with ex that i was all over her all night!!!!!(huge lie) she was making me out to be the bad guy to her ex....if he even is her ex. i was under the assumption he was due to her telling me that. why would a girl do this? i cant believe someone could twist everything around. she was the one to pursue me not me her. i dont get it.

needless to say this kid got pissed and said he wants to kick my ass.

believe me im not worried about that i can hold my own. my question is what should i do about her? i know ill run into her again. she will probably talk to me like nothing ever happened. she probably doesnt even know that i know what she told her ex. how would others handle this situation? should i confront her? or just blow it off and know in the future that this girl is a trouble maker? any advice?

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You need to stand your ground with her, and him..i would tell her to leave you alone, that she is a very manipulating person, and has issues with past relationships that she needs to work out before she just goes around sleeping with other people...It's not your fault this happened, you did nothing from what you said..just know now that she is a liar. and likes to use guys as play toys. than when things go wrong, it's a different story, Bottom line she is FAKE, Superficial, and is a Cunning/pathological liar...no one wants to deal with people like that.


" Kick His @ss, SeaBass." (ok just some humor)

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oh yeah that girls a real sour one alright! just forget about her, she's not worth the scum on your shoe. about the ex, id say he's a more talk and no action person....alot of people are like that these days, but if he tries anything then give him one! my main point is to let you know that not every girl is like this or does this sort of thing. i dont understand why some people do this, but it only reflects on the person not the gender. there are plenty of great gals out there!!

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Hi Hoppy,


If I were you, I would forget about it.


You have only two situations you could be confronted with.


1 - He approaches you.


You can hold your own. You can tell him that she is lying about what happened - obviously to get at him.


2. She approaches you.


I can't imagine you are interested in a girl like this, so if she comes up - make the conversation brief, be polite, and get out of there. She'll feel pretty pathetic about what she did to you, and hopefully she might take something educational from it aswell.


Either way, don't stress. You haven't done anything wrong - she is lying. She must also bear the consiquences of lying about you - and you have every right to brand her as a lyer to protect yourself.


Hope this helps you some,

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Dude..... i've learn this the hard way me and my girlfriend where at this party adn we made out a lot and then i hear from my "friends" that they saw her maken out with some other guy after the party well i trust my "friends"adn broke up with my girlfriend i think it was and will be the hardest one ever...but anyways i find out from hr and all her frineds and some people at school whowhere at the party that they heard that to and it was just a roomer... al im tryin too say is u cant believe what every1 says inless you hear it yourslef ...go talk too he and ask her if she said it and why.....and this kid who wants too kick your ass he wont kick your ass if u talk too him and tell him what really happenn

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thankyou all for your responses. this girl is a NUT!!!! i will take all your advice to heart when i see her next time. im 26 i dont need this type of drama in my life. for acouple days i felt like i was back in highschool again. are there any mentally stable women left? where are they?lol

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hey you should confront her about it, all girls arent like this though some are truthful and some are grimy like her. just confront her calmly and look in her eyes to see if she is lying also try to gather more info from other people and remember even if she did do it lisen to her reason and try your hardest to forgicve her.

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