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What is a good book for a 13 year old boy?


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He's a young 13 year old boy, who's mother died a feaw years a go. And dont say Harry Potter. He already has that.


I want a book that teaches meaning (without being religious) but is relatable to someone that age, beautiful in the way it is written.


Anyone know of any books?

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i don't know about having greater depth, but when I was that age I enjoyed reading tarzan and conan books, both presented positive role male role models. strong and honorable (in their own fashion), and full of fun, action, and the kind of "romance" teen guys like.

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He's a young 13 year old boy, who's mother died a feaw years a go. And dont say Harry Potter. He already has that.


I want a book that teaches meaning (without being religious) but is relatable to someone that age, beautiful in the way it is written.


Anyone know of any books?



Lord of the Flies

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Not very meaningful, but my son suggests the Artemus Fowl series,

and The Series of Unfortunate Events


Those came out a while a go so he might have read them.


Um, his mom died many years a go so I've always wanted to help him deal with that from afar (circumstances keep us apart). He's also shy and has mild social troubles, as anyone would who's insecure and at that age. His parents force religious activity into his life so I dont want anything religious, just a story he can relate to and learn from, very human and honest.


There has to be a book out there somewhere...

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I am 16 but I read a fab book which I am sure youll like. Its sad, but funny its called


Skin ( by A M vrettos)


Its a bit depressing but has daught me some nice things and how to aprreciate family and living for the moment.


so think that over and hope you enjoy!!


(if you give me your adress I might be able to send you my copy as I have finished with it!)

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This is a good one.




Count of Monte Cristo is a good one too.


Count of Monte Cristo...I love that movie actually! The Princess Bride is actually also a very good book that made me laugh out loud a lot.


I bought Tanner the book, Kino No Tabi. The beginning of it goes "The world is not beautiful, thereforeeee it is." I liked that...


And I also bought the Alter Bridge CD called "One Day Remains" for him.


But keep the recommendations coming. I want to buy him things all year long. And I plan to call his house on my cellphone during school- I'll call in a bathroom stall or something- and leave cute messages that he can come home to before anyone knows to delete them.

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The adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I've recently read it, and I LOVED it!! It's simply perfect and I wish I read it back when I was a kid.


It has a lot of lessons regarding the notion of right and wrong, the importance of character and most importantly appreciating the good in mankind regardless of race.

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"Enders Game" by Orson Scott Card


It's about a boy, so that fits, it's kind of a sci-fi book, boys like that stuff (but it's not too sci-fi).


It's a really human book, you learn alot about human character, strength and leadership, it' quite an inspiring book (in the way that you want to be as good as him), the main character, Ender (Andrew Wiggin), struggles through all personal problems, he is very bright and so is envied, he is a third (third child-usually restricted by population laws) so is not normally favoured.


I really don't know how to describe it but it's really good. It's kinda about training children to become leaders of the next fleet of war ships (space ships) to fight in the next 'bugger' (insect like alien) invasion. Twists and turns and a surprise ending, but don't tell him that. The way it is written is indeed suitable for children and has had much praise from audiences of all ages. It's a struggle for him, being away from his family, but he makes connections elsewhere, especially with his teachers, his trainers.


It's the first in a series of books, in my opinion this is the best one and the most suitable, if he likes it i would recommend the next book in the series "speaker for the dead", which is just as brilliant and inspiring but in a slightly different way and is a little more grown up in its manner of writing.


Really, from what little you've said about this boy you know, i think this book would be good for him.

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Riding On A Pale Horse by Piers Anthony.


It is the first part of a series. It is spiritual in the sense that it deals with incarnations of great power (the first book is the incarnation of death). However, religion is hardly a theme in the book. Religion is mentioned in the sixth and seventh book (as they are about the incarnations of evil and good), however, they do not attempt to persuade the audiance towards any religion and surprisingly religion isn't a theme at all, even in the sixth and seventh books of the series.


If you would like, I can bring it with me when I visit you and you can scan it, you can even have it if you like it.


To my knowledge, the Incarnations of Immortals series by Piers Anthony has been quite helpful to those that have lost someone close to them. They provide a lot of food for thought, as the writer is a genius in his own right and his form of compassion is teaching through writing. Also, since he doesn't advertise his books - they are generally unknown to younger audiances (though they are a best seller, due to the older generations).


As a side note, I should mention that I developed my liking for the works of Piers Anthony around the age of thirteen to fourteen

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Though, if you would really like to teach him by having him read a book, then you can have him read "Brave New World". However, it is not a light read. It is Honors English 11 material and is used at the college level often enough. So I wouldn't recommend it unless if you consider him exceptionally bright, though, if he's anything like you - then a question of intelligence is hardly a question at all

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At that age my brother and I enjoyed "The Seven Sleepers Series" by Gilbert Morris. It is sort of like "Lord of the Rings". It is about a group of seven teens who have survived 50 years in sleep capsules through a nuclear war. They were placed in these sleep capsules due to a prophecy about seven sleepers. There are new people groups that arise out of this war. There are 10 books in the series and they go on these adventures. I know you said you didn't want religious, however, these were written by a Christian author.

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