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This ones for guys i need advice please help

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well ok theres this guy i like we have known eachother for like a year for a little while we had chatted on the internet and talked about some deep stuff and then we stopped. Me and him were both in relationships at the time we no longer are. i get weird mixed signals though like we went somewhere the other day with my friend and me and him were in the front and he would not look at me like we would talk not alot but he would avoid looking me in the eyes. Sometimes we flirt but then again hes also one of those guys that flirts alot with other girls as well. When we are at school and at basketball practice we flirt (and i swear iknow he stares at me ) and hes all cool and talkative even a few times its gotten personal he asks me about my ex and oh how everything is with that and stuff but at other times i feel like hes not very interested i dunno i just need your guys advice like i want him to know i like him but in a subtle way i dont want to get crushed if the feelings are not mutual and how can i show him and how will i know if hes interested?

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im not a guy, but ill give my advice anyway... it sounds to me like he likes you, but isn't sure about your feelings so he doesn't want to try anything. he seems a little shy too, like when he wouldnt look you in the eyes. there isn't really a subtle way to let him know that you like him besides just doing what you are doing & hope it leads to more. maybe you could ask him to hang out or something. you could ask a friend of his who he likes. i would say that you should start flirting with him more, even if he's not flirting back. that would show that you like him.

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internet and real life are 2 different things. he might really like the personality you project online (he too projects something that attracts you), but in real life, things are different.


unless you are completely transparent online, which i doubt is really possible, you are probably in love with the projection, and want the real thing too.


but the fact is, if he is not coming on to you online, he won't do it offline. you know what i mean? cos it's already so much easier to chat virtually. so if he can't do that, he won't do it in person. i hope he is still chatting with you online. if he's not even doing that, then i'm afraid he's moved on. IMHO

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